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Monday 27th April

Amber Run, Rhodes, Meadowlark

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30pm
Age: 14+

Having deliberately chosen a name with no obvious connotations, Amber Run are determined to stand aside from the herd.

Anthemic rock princes from Nottingham, then – heart-melting ballads, dizzying guitar crescendos and the kind of soaring vocals which haunt and enthral, taking you somehow to a higher heaven.

“We’d rather be timeless than cool,” they say, “We’re not writing edgy music that sounds like 2014/15 – it’s music for the whole decade, not just for now. We want people to be coming back to our music in twenty years.”

They’re already selling out tours; and 2015 will only see them rising higher and higher.

And Amber Run just got the green light to start sweeping up music lovers for all the ages. From tiny sparks…