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Sunday 14th May

An Evening With Luke Haines, Marbled

Ticket: £17.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

LUKE HAINES was the man behind Baader Meinhoff and Black Box Recorder who sprang to prominence in 1992 with his band The Auteurs and the Mercury Music Prize-nominated album New Wave (lost out by one vote…) and inadvertently kicked off Britpop in the process.

The music ‘biz’ doesn’t produce nearly enough of these belligerent buggers… Haines is a supremely gifted and far-sighted songwriter, the king of brio and bile, the avant-garde Arthur Scargill, and possessed of an almost obsessive “**** off, it’s my way or not at all” attitude that, frankly, we could do with a heckuva lot more of.

Look, just come and bloody well see this show and this man. Or at least get one of his books, Bad Vibes, in which our hero tells of knuckle-headed musos, baffling tours and his own swiftly unravelling personal life. And what it’s like to be on the cusp of massive success, attack anyone within rifle range, and be more than happy to turn the gun on himself.

A ridiculously entertaining individual – all those adjectives are SPOT ON.

Immensely chuffed to drag another legend kicking and screaming in to York!