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Wednesday 20th March

pist.on w/ guests Scarlet Rebels

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Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

After more than a decade of silence, USA’s PIST.ON are returning to the fray. Last seen at Fibbs March 1997, it’s actually been 25 years since the bands inception and in that time there’s been a lot of pain, misery, anger and joy…

Formed ’93, and releasing two albums; ‘Number One’ produced by Josh Silver (Type O Negative) and ‘$ell Out’, the Brooklyn-based band is built around core members Henry Font (vox/guitar), Burton Gans (guitar) and Jeff McManus (drums) joined by Jack Hanley (ex The Deadlyz) on bass.

PIST.ON’s unique perspective can be tricky to pigeonhole mixing extremely heavy almost gothic, mid-paced guitar riffs with occasional vocal harmonies. Possessing an acute grasp of extremes, yet maintaining a pop edge on tracks that aren’t self-congratulatory enough to be metal, are too witty to be goth, and far too accessible to be freaky. Sometimes, you just have to let a band’s music speak for itself…

Alongside numerous headline tours, PIST.ON featured on some of the high profile tours of the time supporting the likes of Marilyn Manson, Korn, Clutch, Fu Manchu, Type O Negative, Queensryche and The Misfits.

Stress and pressure on the band took its toll when in 2001, after many tours and no personal time the band decided, at the height of their popularity, that they’d had enough of the industry. Bass player Val.ium decided to leave the band, a move which ultimately saw the rest of the band retreat in to a self imposed exile to deal with professional and personal issues.

Fast forward to the present where PIST.ON fans and friends still remain loyal. Constant requests for the band to re-ignite have finally been acknowledged. Never having split up, PIST.ON are set to emerge from a lengthy hiatus to mark and celebrate twenty five years since the bands inception.

Over to the guys, “It’s taken a long time to resolve a whole load of professional and personal issues but now we are in the right place, re-energised and ready to emerge from our lengthy self imposed exile. We want to get back to why we started all this in the first place — the music!”