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Friday 21st July

RSJ Farewell (!) Show, The Family Ruin, “Skeletron”

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

Over to the band… “After 15 years of blood, sweat & beers, it’s not without heavy hearts that we’ve come to the decision to lay ((RSJ)) to rest.

The road we’ve walked together as musicians, friends and fellow purveyors of noise has been incredible to say the least and we’ll all be forever grateful for all the friends we’ve made and shared a beer with, and to all those who’ve helped us out and supported us along the way. There are too many to mention.

There have been great times and plenty of tough times, but ultimately we’re proud of what we’ve done; the records, the shows…the injuries. Unfortunately, however it’s just not sustainable to keep at it in current times.

So we bid you farewell…almost. We’ll be doing one last show in our home town of York, for old times’ sake, with some very good friends joining us on the bill. Come have a beer!

All’s well that ends well.

Giant Glenn is leaving the building”.

Over to Mr H… I’ve never made any secret that this band have hurt my ears more than any other over the years but also there are few acts I have enjoyed more. York, and far and wide, will never see the like of this again. If you’re in to metal, there is no excuse whatsoever to be otherwise engaged!!

PS ‘Skeletron’ may not be the support’s real name… Just sayin’.