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Saturday 19th November

The Fall, Soma Crew

Ticket: £25.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

He’s the undisputed GOD OF ALT-EVERYTHING. He’s not going to duet with Kanye, he’s not going to be remixed and he’s definitely not going to do anything you expect him to. He’s Mark E Smith and THE FALL and thank the good Lord he saves some of his best shows for Fibbers.

Mark is the very definition of indie without the beard and Vans. Political correctness not present thank you very much, the eternal maverick and belligerent bastard within Mr Manchester is consumed with razor-sharp wit and bitter cynicism, all sung-spoken to a band that rocks the **** out like no other.

So praise The Lord for Mark E Smith and real music. He’s the closest thing to the genuine article you’ll ever know. And he’s not going to be on a Direct Line or Warburtons advert any time soon…