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Friday 17th June

Chantel McGregor, Heidi Widdop

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Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

The blonde from Bradford CHANTEL McGREGOR will blow your mind, you simply won’t believe the technical skill and pure feel on show as she gives Hendrix, Satriani, Clapton and Alvin Lee a run for their money.

Featured on a DVD with Beck, Richards and Lee celebrating sixty years of Fender Telecaster; jammed live with Joe Bonamassa, building a huge and growing UK following and wringing blues/rock from a guitar since she was seven years old…

2015 album Lose Control, the follow up to her critically acclaimed 2011 debut Like No Other, heralded a harder, bigger and bolder rock sound with progressive influences.

“I’ve always been interested in the dark side of Southern Gothic literature, artwork and media” says Chantel. “I drew inspiration from TV shows True Detective and True Blood, and studied Tennessee Williams, Carson Mullers and Mark Twain”.

“I also surrounded myself with the imagery of Walker Evans and Clarence John Laughlin, all to immerse myself in the sinister, dark world of depravation, magic and voodoo, writing most of the songs from the perspective of the disturbed flawed characters”.

Without losing sight of her blues roots, Chantel is channeling her phenomenal guitar talent and song-writing in to thunderous rock crescendos and riffs, alongside a current obsession with all things Southern Gothic.

“My interpretation of Southern Gothic is the loss of control, either spiritually, physically (through other people or substances), or emotionally”, she reflects. “I wanted the sound and emotion of Lose Control to reflect this, so I juxtaposed heavy, guitar riff-based, dark tracks with haunting, emotive acoustic tracks, whilst tying them together with the lyrical themes of desperation and loss so often seen in Southern Gothic fiction”.

This girl strangles the living soulful daylights out of a guitar, but at the same time giving an extended and grounded show, in touch with her fans with witty anecdotes and stories. Always a fan favourite – book early!