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Friday 13th February

Hijak Oscar, Asio’s Eyes, La Petite Mort

Ticket: £5.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+

It wasn’t so long ago that we were all glued to Channel 4 while a York band stormed through a new music programme like a bull in a china shop.

That bull was HIJAK OSCAR fronted by Tim Fox, and the china shop was a delicate pyramid of indie egos, all shattered by a no-nonsense hang-‘em-high clump of n’ere-do-wells from York who glued Captain Beefheart to Arcade Fire and were only trounced out of the series by vote-rigging and blatant backstage interests.

It probably didn’t help that Hijak Oscar said on air they didn’t give a **** but we loved them all the more for it.

They went on to a triumphant sold-out UK tour (including selling out London’s Borderline) and a second album.

Alex James (Blur) – ‘You’re all scary, my God I love you’

Jo Whiley – ‘There’s this whole cacophony going on, it’s amazing’

And now they’re back. In all their disparate disjointed dysfunctional glory. Ready and willing to tear the ears from your skull and pour some proper voodoo magic in the holes!