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Saturday 12th November

Hope&Social, Gobbledigook, Dan Webster

Ticket: £9.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

“Welcome, we’re HOPE AND SOCIAL. We’re a band who write songs and release albums. We come from Leeds. We have a studio called The Crypt. We do ill-advised events and all sorts of gigs. We sell all our music for Pay What You Want. We are mainly broke. At the moment we are planning how to take over the world”.

If there is a more elegant, yet simply perfect, band introduction we haven’t seen it. And we’ve seen THOUSANDS of introductions.

You’ll gather that the mighty Hope and Social have been one of our favourite bands since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Their shows are a celebration of the best things in life – wonderful music and songs, laughter, consummate musicianship and one of those true occasions where band and audience really are all in it together.

This is not rhetoric, this is fact. H&S shows are packed and if you’ve ever been you’ll know EXACTLY what we’re on about.

Innovative, diverse, brilliantly talented and so in love with constructing delicately muscular tunes. And a live music lesson in life, also, in how to build, engage and keep a huge and loyal fan base with music that is peerless and timeless.

Hope and Social have the sound of classic albums, brought up to date. Albums which were a call-to-arms, and part lament penned with measured guitar and lush harmony.

Sieved from drunken rants, they sing of Englishness and home and what it means. Of simplicity and custom, and of God.

One day all bands will be made like this.