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Tuesday 19th February

Lost Society, Pariah, OND

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

Full-on heavy thrash metal tornado LOST SOCIETY are already feted by their peers and heroes KREATOR and TESTAMENT, and with touring credits with CHILDREN OF BODOM and huge Germany/Japan festival appearances under their Finnish belts.

Signed to Germany’s long-running metal afficionados label Nuclear Blast, debut album “Fast Loud Death” (2013) blew the doors wide open 2014’s sophomore release, “Terror Hungry”.

“Our live shows are extremely intense and energetic, we pour our blood into our music. We always want to deliver 110%, and we enjoy what we do”, says frontman Samy Elbanna, “We leave every last bit of ourselves on stage, we never want to let the folks down who get the ticket to see us”.

Fast forward two years and a ton of shows later, the band returned with “Braindead” (2016), losing none of the anthems but with a distinctly darker and heavier tone, touring with thrash legends EXODUS, leaving a trail of full-blown chaos in their wake.

When asked about the future, Samy has a very clear vision: “You can always be completely yourself when it comes to this style of music. You don’t fake anything, you just rage. We’re going to continue full speed ahead. We’ll be touring as much as possible, and this is absolutely the life we want to live as long as we possibly can. I’ve grown up with this band and I’m in a great situation. This is the best “job” a person can have”.