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Friday 27th April

Shonen Knife, Sewage Farm, Fond

Over to Kurt Cobain, “When I finally got to see SHONEN KNIFE live, I was transformed into a hysterical nine-year-old girl at a Beatles concert”.

“Objectively, they can only play in a rudimentary fashion, their songs are ludicrously simple and it’s not new. Objectivity can fuck right off, because Shonen Knife are brilliant” – Artocker

Ground-breaking all-female Japanese pop-punk rock trio formed in Osaka in 1981, inspired by late ‘70’s punk-pop particularly The Ramones. Inspired, the band crafted their own idiosyncratic songs, fashioned brightly coloured outfits and DIY albums and signed to Sub Pop.

“Rocks like Motorhead designed by Hanna-Barbara” – Uncut

“There are two types of people: those in to thrashy Japanese girl-punk, and those with something wrong” – The Independent

“Pumping out prototype riot grrrl, thrashing together early punk sounds with pop melodies” – Music OMH: 8/10

The cream of the of the alt. rock scene (Sonic Youth / L7 / Redd Kross) covered their favourite Shonen Knife songs on the tribute album ‘Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them’ and the girls toured with Nirvana (on the ‘Nevermind’ tour), The Breeders and as part of Lollapalooza. They even recorded sessions for John Peel and appeared on MTV’s ‘Beavis and Butthead’.

fast forward to 2009 and appearances at Matt Groening’s curated ATP, Summer Sundae festival, Incubate, Le Guess Who? Handmade Festival and, quite literally, worldwide touring alongside acclaimed albums Supergroup, Freetime, Osaka Ramones, Poptune and Overdrive. Oh, and regular BBC6 Music sessions for Marc Riley and Gideon Coe.

Recently celebrating thirty five years in rock, Shonen Knife show no signs of slowing down!

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Saturday 28th April

Salad, S*M*A*S*H

SALAD have reformed and they’re playing the ’90s hits, plus a few new numbers too! Full electric and full band show, of course.

Formed ’92 in London by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman, they released three albums (2nd one ‘Drink Me’ debuting at No.16) and toured extensively, notably supporting Blur in 1994. The first two singles came out on their own Waldorf label with subsequent releases on Island.

And all Salad members are on board, including Charley Stone (who joined Salad in 1997), but sadly not drummer Rob (writer of Drink The Elixir), however he hopes to contribute a song or two for the new album in 2018.

Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope guitarist and producer of Salad’s last album Ice Cream, 1997), has joined the band on drums.

After three albums, six years and extensive touring, Salad split in 1998 to pursue other interests BUT have recently reformed (!) and boy are we looking forward to this…

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Wednesday 2nd May

The Undercover Hippy, Apollo Junction, Sauce!

“Beautifully-produced agitprop reggae-flavoured rap, like the love-child of Steel Pulse, Kate Tempest and The Sleaford Mods” – Tom Robinson, BBC6Music

Yup, as usual Tom has it spot on for Billy Rowan (and band) aka THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY and a high energy, interactive show for which his loyal fanbase travels the length and breadth of the UK for shows.

“This is about as real as music gets!” – Andrew Marston – BBC Introducing

Skiiled drum ‘n’ bass MC turned singer-songwriter Billy Rowan, aka The Undercover Hippy, ain’t your average singer songwriter! Mixing soul vocals, reggae rhythm and supersmart, provocative lyrics, think Natty meets Eminem… on a protest march… at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tracks from 2017 album ‘Truth & Fiction’ were on heavy rotation with David Rodigan (BBC 1Xtra) and the aforementioned Tom Robinson (BBC Introducing Mixtape and Tom Robinson Show 6Music).

Social comment and politics – but still playful and uplifting – covering everything from fake news and internet privacy to nappy-wearing barristers and best friends trying to snog your mum.

Music for the thinking man to shake his arse to!

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 4th May

Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana, Skull

ELVANA – THE WORLD’S FINEST ELVIS-FRONTED TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA! Smells like cheeseburgers and teen spirit, daddy-o…

From the bowels of Disgraceland, rock ‘n’ roll icons of the afterlife are raised from the dead!

Rock ‘n’ roll meets grunge as Elvis fronts Nirvana and gives the band the front man it’s been missing since ’94.

Elvana tear through Nirvana’s catalogue whilst splicing in grunged-up sections of the king of rock ‘n’ rolls finest moments, culminating in an audible orgasm of overdrive and old school rockabilly.

“Elvana – they’re as awesome as they sound.” – the Clown, Mac Sabbath

Please welcome Elvis ‘The King of Tourettes’ Presley (vocals, shaking, rattling, rolling, swearing) // Captain Doom (bass, vocals, doom) // The Bray Bros – guitar, vocals, drums, shared DNA).

Amazing show last time – this will sell out!

Ticket: £13.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 5th May

Whitesnake UK, Scopyons

Formed 2005, WHITESNAKE UK play tribute to the very best of David Coverdale’s Whitesnake, from the early classic Moody/Marsden line-up to the present day USA incarnation, faithfully reproducing classic songs such as “Fool For Your Loving”, “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again”.

With a combined musical experience of over 100 years Whitesnake UK can proudly boast of having some of the most accomplished personnel in any tribute band and concentrate purely on reproducing the classic sound of Whitesnake without the aid of backing-tracks, gimmicks or wigs. “ARE YOU READY & WILLING?”

“So why are they called sCOPYons? Hopefully the capital letters method of spelling the name will explain the name

The embers of The Scopyons were formed in late 2011 when 5 North West based musicians decided to get together a definitive UK based tribute to the great German Rockers The Scorpions.

The band spent 9 solid months rehearsing until playing their first full shows in September 2012 and were quickly acknowledged as the premier UK Scorpions tribute and were subsequently offered the opportunity to go and play in Munich, Germany alongside Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs at the 5th Anniversary of his MJ Guitars Store in march 2013.

Scopyons have a leaning toward the post Matthias jabs era (1978 Lovedrive up to the present day) All the BIG hits like Rock You Like A Hurricane, Big City Nights, No One Like You, Holiday etc are there but we have added classic Uli Jon Roth era songs like We’ll Burn The Sky, In Trance & Pictured Life to the set now to appease the old school fans.

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 11th May

Peace w/ special guests whenyoung

“KINDNESS IS THE NEW ROCK AND ROLL” – and Midlands quartet PEACE are back with a brand new album out May 4.

It’s been three years since Peace were swelling up festival tents, turning guitar cynics into rock and roll dreamers with romantic riffs, heart-shaped lyrics and dancing drum beats.

After huge success with 2015 follow-up LP ‘Happy People’ (debut ‘In Love’ came out to rapturous hype in 2013), the band disappeared for two years, winding up at a forest farmhouse miles from civilisation. Now, they are back – as Peace 2.0; new label, new record and ready to reinvigorate their tribal young fanbase, one so loyal they’re known to sport Peace tattoos. All over.

‘From Under Liquid Glass’ was the first taste of new material. Released end 2017 to support mental health charity MQ, it is Harry’s most vulnerable statement to date – a look into his own anxiety and mental health struggles and he says, “I’ve always avoided writing about that side of me. When you’re being a front man it’s easy to put on an act”.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘Magnificent’ and ‘Angel’ are more introspective than previous Peace releases; thoughtful, spacious. The latter is almost regretful of Harry playing a character for years that he can’t live up to.
With that said, ‘Power’ – released early Feb to an overwhelmingly positive response – kicks off the record in typical Peace fashion. “Hey wake up and smell the lavender!” it begins, with full-blown guitars and fruity rhythms that will please any long-standing fan of the ‘Delicious’ EP. It’s a Peace with expanded, clearer horizons.

With festivals to headline this year and a whole new universe to impact, the boys are well and truly back in town. “We want to be bigger and shinier than ever”, says Harry.


Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 12th May

Cry Baby, Aloe Veras, The Televangelists, Good Things

CRY BABY return to Fibbers for one final time for a night of what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night of incredible talent and amazing tunes.

As well as gigging in their home town, the lads have branched out into other parts of Yorkshire such as Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.

Taking influence from big indie rock bands such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, CRY BABY’s original music has impressed many audiences.

Support comes from high energy punk newcomers GOOD THINGS, indie heroes TELEVANGELISTS and psychedelic legends ALOE VERAS.

Join us for our final gig as it isn’t one to be missed!

Ticket: £5.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Sunday 13th May

Lower Than Atlantis, Boston Manor, The Faim

LOWER THAN ATLANTIS – purveyors of infectiously crunchy, melodic and spring-loaded hardcore; and their rise in status to one of the UK’s hottest rock acts has been steady and, with hindsight, inevitable.

Since debut EP ‘Bretton’ in 2008, through two more self-funded albums (2010’s ‘Far Q’ and 2011’s ‘World Record’) and a Biffyesque commitment to touring, LTA have earned a fearsome live reputation, fast rising to prominence with media acclaim and with an often terrifyingly devoted fanbase.

And with new album SAFE IN SOUND the boys from Watford are set to go stratospheric.



Ticket: £16.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 15th May

Bonafide, Greybeards, Soulcasters

Hard rock from Sweden, BONAFIDE formed 2006 with a mission to play hard rock the way it’s supposed to be – true to it’s roots in electric blues and RnB.

Classic rock influences all over the place! AC/DC // Guns N Roses // Thin Lizzy // Bon Jovi // Motorhead // UFO with wicked riffs and great big choruses!

Will the York city walls still be standing after this?

Cracking support from KILLER BEES – and delighted to bring on board blues-rockers SOULCASTERS; check ’em out HERE!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 17th May

R.A. the Rugged Man w/ DJ Psalm One & Lego, Marx, Spee Six Nine

WHAT A LINE-UP… Few artists are as controversial as they are influential. New York legend R.A. the Rugged Man has lived up to that by simultaneously inspiring generations of rappers while being banned from every major record label’s offices and even barred from performing during the late-90s underground explosion.

But by combining the authenticity of his undeniably rugged life with undisputed mic skills and understanding of the genre as a Hip-Hop historian, his music has both survived and thrived, setting a standard for “Real MCs” that few have ever attempted to match.

Collaborator The Notorious B.I.G. referenced R.A. by stating, “And I thought I was the illest”.

Originally from a broken home in Long Island’s Suffolk County, R.A. was raised by a Vietnam veteran/mental patient father whose exposure to Agent Orange left his brother Maxx physically and visually impaired and his sister Dee Ann unable to walk or speak. Finding refuge in Hip-Hop, R.A. began his whirlwind rap career at the age of 12. A constantly rising profile caught the attention of the majors and R.A. found himself at the center of a nine-label bidding war. While he eventually signed with Jive, his vile behavior proved too much for the label to handle as they left him to die without an album in stores to his name.

Taking matters into his own hands, R.A. pioneered the truly independent indie-rap hustle, pressing his own vinyl singles and racking up one of the most impressive resumes in Rap history. From Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep to Biggie and Kool G. Rap, not to mention productions from Erick Sermon, DJ Quik and The Alchemist, his discography reads like a Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.

The Rugged Man has also been championed by critics for his show-stealing work on the three Rawkus Soundbombing collections, as well as contributing “Break the Walls Down” to the Platinum selling WWF Aggression compilation.

Many of these classics were later released and remastered on both his 2004 debut Die Rugged Man, Die! and his 2009 Legendary Classics compilation. Legendary Classics included “Uncommon Valor”, his collaboration with Jedi Mind Tricks that earned R.A. the prestigious “Hip-Hop Quotable” by The Source magazine.

R.A. has also been acclaimed for his non-rap writing, regularly contributing to Vibe, Complex and Mass Appeal magazine as well as landing a book deal with Testify books. R.A. is also the screenwriter and producer of the cult film Bad Biology and is working on his directorial debut; a documentary based on the life of his father Staff Sgt. John A Thorburn.

Now, the onetime outcast has improbably outlasted nearly all of his peers. Having been banned, forgotten, blackballed, and left for dead, the Rugged Man has somehow emerged with a thriving career, a nonstop touring schedule, a die-hard fan base, and the recently-released Legends Never Die, one of the most critically acclaimed hip hop albums in years. Featuring A-list guests like Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Krizz Kaliko, Vinnie Paz, Masta Ace, Sadat X, Eamon, and more, Legends Never Die is being touted as a classic worldwide, balancing technically brilliant lyricism with raw honesty and head-nodding production.

The album is not only a celebration of R.A.’s illustrious career, but an exciting look at what’s still to come. “Honestly, I feel like this is only the beginning,” says R.A. One of the most fascinating figures in hip-hop history is just getting started.

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 16+

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Friday 18th May

The Bluetones, The Gallerys – SOLD OUT!

Mark Morriss and the boys continue to go from strength to strength… a tight but lithe sound, with a nod towards psychedelia, classic pop and Madchester swagger.

Formed 1994 in Hounslow; Adam Devlin and Eds Chester with brothers Mark and Scott Morriss gained considerable ink as the “next big thing” in Britpop and 1996’s BLUETONES debut album Expecting to Fly, which included the classic “Slight Return”, was a huge success.

As the Britpop backlash later gained momentum, instead of rehashing old Beatles melodies like their contemporaries, the band instead took a more sensible approach: disregard the press and simply focus on their craft.

Touring and recording superb studio albums including Return to the Last Chance Saloon, Science & Nature and Luxembourg, cemented a diehard fanbase focused on enduring quality and performance. And tunes…

Mainman Mark Morriss remains a prolific songwriter and comsummate performer, a real man of the people and The Bluetones are as relevant now as they have ever been.

Ticket: £21.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 19th May

Twisted Wheel – The Snakes & Ladders Tour! with guests The Resonance, Serotones

From the backwaters of Oldham, TWISTED WHEEL roared on to the scene with bloody great big indie anthems ‘You Stole The Sun’, ‘She’s a Weapon’ and ‘Lucy The Castle’.

Fronted by the feral and precocious Jonny Brown, that sheer energy and dirty rock’n’roll got them on tours with Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, The Courteeners, Happy Mondays and Ian Brown.

And now the newly reformed Oldham four-spoker (Harry Lavin, James Highton, Richard Allsopp & Jonny Brown) is back like a dirty rock’n’roll Lazarus with tunes and spunk to make up for time lost.

New album and tour ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is closer to the bone than ever before. The band has grown up and Brown’s song structures and lyrics are on another level, beyond haggard experience now, worn in with wisdom and wit.

As Johnny says, “The song ‘Smash It Up’ epitomised me. I set out to do things and was on the road comfortably and then I turned off and smashed it to bits. I get stuck into things with a passion and then I have to destroy it when the passion’s gone. Mess everything up so that I’m free again to reinvent, create”.

And ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is frankly about the band blowing the ladders of opportunity they were given – and the snakes which led to them falling off the board. It’s a tour about getting back in the game, finding opportunity again and avoiding those slithery serpents.

Twisted Wheel built a great foundation through grassroots venues such as Fibbers, one the genuine ladders for Twisted Wheel’s success. A decade later, and those spaces are still how Twisted Wheel gain access to the game – this time avoiding the pitfalls.

Twisted Wheel were the hardest working band in 2009, gaining the PRS Award for playing the most gigs of any young band. They are grafters, rock n rollers but with the edge of genuine poetry; few can forget Jonny’s ‘Bouncing Bomb’ or ‘What’s Your Name?’ but audiences will be hungry for his more poignant blues numbers on this tour.

He says, “We’re not just in a rock ‘n’ roll, punk box. I write a range of songs. This time, more of my poetry will focus on things that matter, a commentary on what’s going on in the world. Bands play it safe because they don’t want to upset people. But your job as an artist is to say what others can’t, to speak the truth”.

Twisted Wheel – it may have been bad, bent and broken but it’s back!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 23rd May

Tragedy – All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond + Blackout DJs

The greatest heavy-metal-meets-disco-meets-Grease party ever…

Born from the impenetrable divide of Disco and Metal, great York via New York favourites TRAGEDY bust the 1977 Disco/Metal Peace Accord of 1977 and criss-crossed the globe with spectacular live shows.

“Back in the dark days of disco, the Bee Gees were the shit, despite having massive teeth, bigger hair and a falsetto only dogs could hear…with the righteous power of heavy metal, We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong mixes Guns ‘N’ Roses swagger, the Scorpions’ sense of pomp and Judas Priest-esque vocals to create a sound that is exactly like The Darkness!” – Kerrang

Full length albums, Humbled By Our Greatness, Death To False Disco Metal, The Solo Albums and The Joy of Sex  spread their glittered wings to also take on non-Bee Gees classics from the disco era, soft rock anthems and party jams.

Oh, and they broke the internet with viral videos You’re the One That I Want and Stayin’ Alive.

“Camp as a row of tents, and with more hooks than hell’s cloakroom, Tragedy guarantee it.” – Metal Hammer

“Hard riffs, tight white flares, and even tighter octave-scraping harmonies…essential listening.” – The Sun

“Not the leather jacket-wearing 50s greasers from the ’50s, but rather a modernized hard rock band of brothers attending the Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation high school.” – Loudwire.

“Decked in their hair-metal finest, with no can of Aqua-Net spared, Tragedy frolic on the beach, woo their ladies and then unleash their thrash chops in the most anarchistic pep rally this side of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The result is hilarious and arguably even more heartwarming than the original, not least for the visual pun unleashed on the line ‘it’s electrifying.” – Billboard

“Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond has indeed pulled off a spot-on hair-metal spoof of the song, complete with a locker-room scene that takes place at Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School.” – Guitar World

And… expect the worlds greatest ever Blackout DJ set of not entirely serious big dumb rock songs with a tongue firmly planted in its (spandex covered) *ss cheek! Think Motley, think DC, Steel Panther, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, sunset strip classics, power ballads and more… yeah baby, this sh*t will rock you all night long!

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 25th May

Bogus Brothers Birthday Bash w/ guest Kristoffer Hegelund

To coincide with the release of their new album “XXXII” BOGUS BROTHERS return to Fibbers for a very special 32nd birthday bash.

Arguably one of York’s biggest musical exports next to Shed Seven. Since 1986 Bogus have entertained audiences the world over, whether that be a celebrity wedding or a 120K festival in Portugal, Bogus never fail to entertain.

Close links to the celebrity circuit with the likes of Eddie Jordan (Formula 1), U2, Bryan Adams, Alex Ferguson and The Corrs, keeps their profile high making them one of the most sought after acts in the country. Some of the best entertainment you’re ever likely to see.

Following their successful European tour in February 2018, managing a busy touring schedule, they’ve squeezed in hometown show to celebrate their 32 years of success.

In their unique spirit, this Fibbers show promises to be a night to remember. As one fan commented, “The most fun you can have with your clothes on!”. Front man Maka says, “We only play a handful hometown shows throughout the year, we can’t wait to get out there and do what we do the best”…. “Party and party hard”.

Whirling’ keyboards, flying bass, jumping guitars and a back flipping singer always leaves audiences across the globe amazed. Marry that with some of the biggest hits ever to grace our ears, it’ll be a super duper, lovely, smashing great night. Bring on the mayhem!

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 26th May

Serotones, Alleyways, Good Things, Pikmi

Well, this is just blatantly another big old Fibbers sell out ain’t it. Such a pleasure to see guitar music, and especially in York, busting the doors again.

Welcome back SEROTONES for the second headliner here, the first of which pulled five hundred mad indie/rock fans – what an atmosphere, and we’re pretty sure this one is going to get close to if not actually sell out altogether.

Great bunch of supports too – BE HERE EARLY!

Ticket: £6.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm

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Tuesday 5th June

Tequila Mockingbyrd, Renegade Twelve, Tomorrow Is Lost

No lemon. No salt. No chaser. Melbourne’s TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD (Louisa Baker, Jacinta Jaye & Josie O’Toole) are a shot of straight-up rock n roll.

“Feisty as fuck and hugely entertaining” – Classic Rock Mag

Explosive live shows, punk’n’rock’roll, and a whole arsenal of big riffs and bigger choruses and party anthems.

“That is incredible; those girls are so talented… what a voice… I love it!” ‐ Lzzy Hale, Halestorm

Multiple tours with the likes of The Darkness and Nashville Pussy, Cherie Currie and Ritchie Ramone (handpicked by the bands) alongside Hard Rock Hell and other big festivals. Or maybe you caught them opening for Bonafide earlier in 2017.

Well worth getting here early for RENEGADE TWELVE!

Yeah, girls CAN rock – with the best of them!

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Friday 8th June

Women In Rock

The UK’s only live show dedicated to the world’s greatest female rock legends. With up to four powerful and professional female singers with massive voices (no pub karaoke screechers!) and a kick-ass professional touring R.O.C.K. band, WOMEN IN ROCK is not really a tribute, but a celebration to all WOMEN who simply ROCK…

Join us for a journey through history of the greatest female anthems of all time including PAT BENATAR // STEVIE NICKS // JOAN JETT // VIXEN // CHER // BONNIE TYLER // GRACE SLICK // ALANIS MORISETTE // PATTI SMITH // HALESTORM and lots lots more.

Ticket: £13.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 9th June

True Grit Wrestling Presents ‘Retribution’!

Over the top, hard-hitting, jaw-dropping, bone-crunching pro wrestling.  Yup, FULL SIZE RING in Fibbers so you can witness the action up close and be a part of the incredible atmosphere as crowds cheer and boo these wrestling superstars.  Inside and when it spills out on to the street…

Body slams, suplexes, chairs, tag teams, high flyers, larger than life characters – this show has it all! Also featuring the first title defence for TGW champion and WWE UK star the ‘Muscle Cat’ Saxon Huxley!

Families welcome, all ages show!


Ticket: £Various prices from £6.40 (child), £9.60 (adult), family & group also Buy Now
Doors: 7pm doors // 1st bell 7.30pm

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Thursday 14th June

And So I Watch You From Afar

Insanely brilliantly excitingly intense; all that and much more. The mostly instrumental Belfast-based outfit first appeared in 2009 with a self-titled release that few heard but almost every single person who did immediately took it upon themselves to start a band.

AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR have had a direct effect on making math rock and instrumental music blossom in the UK today with a style of music that could easily have just been seen as a small blip in the annals of music history but has bloomed into something that can be genuinely regarded as a world-wide recognised movement.

ASIWYFA, alongside the likes of Adebisi Shank, You Slut! and Maybeshewill, made the prospect of music with no vocals (with the exception of the odd yelp dotted hither and thither) exciting, by injecting it with a frenzied frenetic frisson and refusing to ever give the listener time to get remotely bored.

And with a mission statement that reads, “Greedily trying to fit everything we love into one song”, we are utterly delighted to get this musical phenomenon back to York! GET YOUR MATH OUT!

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 21st June

Smoove & Turrell Live – The Mount Pleasant Album Tour w/ Grinny Grandad & DJ Kate Ramsay

“To say SMOOVE & TURRELL are one of the greatest modern Soul acts to emerge from the UK would be an understatement” – Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music).

And Smoove & Turrell’s rise through the ranks of British soul has been nothing but unstoppable!

Welcome back after an amazing show last year to a world-renowned Newcastle act, born from that heartland of heavy industry and birthing “Northern Funk” with a phenomenal lead singer in John Turrell, compared to the likes of Paul Wellar, Cee Lo Green, Joe Cocker and Michael McDonald. The band is pretty damn hot as well…

Dedication to live performance builds a really solid foundation. Playing Glastonbury and Bestival (amongst others) and supports with Chic (Nile Rodgers) and Charles Bradley has gathered the band a huge and dedicated fan base that only hard work delivers.

National playlisting and heavy Radio2 / 6Music rotation from first two albums (Antique Soul & Eccentric Audio) with I Can’t Give You Up, Beggarman, You Don’t Know, Gabriel and Hard Work; and Slow Down entered international playlists on TV and radio throughout Europe.

Highly-acclaimed third album Broken Toys once again showed there was no slowing down as singles Will You Be Mine and Play to Win gained international playlist selection throughout Europe and beyond.

And with word spreading to America, major players ABC and Fox Network both used Smoove & Turrell tracks on huge prime time advertising campaigns for shows such as ‘Pan Am’ and ‘Lucky Ladies’. Other one-off spots on international smash hit TV series ‘The Finder’, ‘World of Jenks’ and ‘Ray Donovan’ followed.

“Always a pleasure to hear new material from the boys” – Gilles Peterson.

We concur; this show is bound to be busy again, early purchase recommended!

Ticket: £9.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 22nd June

“PILE-UP FESTIVAL!” feat. co-headliners A Wilhelm Scream & Oceans Ate Alaska w/ Napoleon, Kingdom of Giants, InVisions, Death Remains, Skarlett Riot, Ravenface, Veridian, Chapter and Verse, Bellevue Days, Black Orchid Empire, Tenements

Riff Media proudly present the very first PILE-UP FESTIVAL – from punk to metal and everything in between. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty ****ing awesome line-up…


Friday’s co-headliners are A WILHELM SCREAM – melodic hardcore from New Bedford, Massachusetts referencing Strung Out and Hot Water Music -and Birmingham’s OCEANS ATE ALASKA “fusing unpredictable polyrhythms and a sporadic partnering of melodic and dissonant passages”.

And what a support line-up as well…

NAPOLEON – “Melodiposipassiongroove” from Exeter.

KINGDOM OF GIANTS – 6-piece metalcore from SoCal.

INVISIONS – “They’re hitting us round the face with cataclysmically heavy music. Just as we like it” – Alex Baker, Kerrang!

DEATH REMAINS – New album ‘Destroy/Rebuild’ out now.

SKARLETT RIOT – female-fronted, think Bullet For My Valentine, Shinedown, Alterbridge, Asking Alexandria.

RAVENFACE – Blackpool R.O.C.K.

VERIDIAN – Kerrang Fresh Blood regulars, toured with Arcane Roots and King Blues.

CHAPTER and VERSE – East London alt-rock, “A turbo blast of raw emotion” – Rock Sound.

BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE – Ferocious riff-monster trio for fans of QOTSA / Deftones / Royal Blood; played alongside Biffy Clyro, Skunk Anansie and Editors.

TENEMENTS – Glasgow post-hardcore (UnderOath, FFAF, Senses Fail, Killswitch Engage).

Ticket: £23.00 (weekend ticket £35.00) Buy Now
Age: 14+

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Saturday 23rd June

“PILE-UP FESTIVAL” feat. Teenage Bottlerocket (UK exclusive!) w/ Our Hollow Our Home, Silent Screams, Siamese, Falling Red, Palm Reader, Wars, Cove, Woke Up Dead, Bury The Traitor, Kill The Ideal, DeadAudioSaints, 76 Calling

Striding in to Day 2 of the very first PILE-UP FESTIVAL from Riff Media, and today is headlined – AND A UK EXCLUSIVE – by Wyoming punks TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET now back on Fat Wreck Records and you can be sure of plentiful Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Green Day, Bouncing Souls and Misfits type mayhem…


And another ACE supporting bill…

OUR HOLLOW OUR HOME – melodic metalcore from the South Coast, watch latest vid ‘Web Weaver

SILENT SCREAMS – tour supports w/ Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, For The Fallen Dreams, Emmure & Parkway Drive; Coventry metal/hardcore/prog/melodic.

SIAMESE – from Copenhagen, “We sing about life and love, deadly sins, failing society and doing drugs. And we are not about to stop. Except that drug thing”.

FALLING RED – “Potential genre champions, venomous anthems unleashed in a speeding flood of riffs & hooks” – Kerrang!

PALM READER – “Excellent hardcore” – Rocksound; “What hardcore should be” – Metal Hammer; “Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick… That’s what you guys are” – Kerrang!

WARS – 5 piece Rugby-based hardcore, “We are all wars. A fervent collection of coping mechanisms, toiling away at what often seems to be a hopeless, futile endeavour etc etc…”

COVE – Alternative hardcore from London.

WOKE UP DEAD – Yorkshire-based ferocious punk fronted by champion pro-wrestler Sean Only, and steadfastly resisting any social media presence hence no links, sorry. Send us a postcard lads, eh?

BURY THE TRAITOR – Melodic/heavyness from Derbyshire a la Parkway Drive, Devil Wears Prada, In Flames, Lamb Of God, Bury Tomorrow.

KILL THE IDEAL – “Massive pop rock” – Ideal Mag; “Hold on to your seats, this is massive” – BBC INTRODUCING

DEADAUDIOSAINTS – Masterfully crafted electronic-infused-rock trio, consists of brothers, both by blood and by longtime friendship.

76 CALLING – Classic punk covers – SLF, Pistols, Buzzcocks, Cocksparrer, Dead Kennedys, The Damned, UK Subs, ANL, Ramones, Ruts, Clash, Johnny Thunders.

Ticket: £23.00 (weekend ticket £35.00) Buy Now
Doors: 2pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 29th June

Glass Caves, Alleyways

“Four hairy lads from Yorkshire making exceptional music”, it says here…

Effortless swagger and glorious tunes, pace and energy, fully fleshed out thunderbolts of indie, GLASS CAVES are a tale of longevity from tireless busking on the streets of York to ever more elevated levels of mature and alive songwriting.

Not afraid to stretch their musical legs and teach a brave lesson, one of self-expansion and risk taking, Glass Caves are a lesson to us all. When you’re good, believe it. And never give up.

ALWAYS packed and always a fantastic show, one of our faves of each year – early purchase most definitely recommended!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 30th June

Korn Again

Actually endorsed by the real Korn who, after bassist ‘Fieldy’ and drummer Ray Luzier joined KORN AGAIN on stage, actually posted the video HERE on Korn’s official Facebook page. You don’t get a better endorsement than that…

After forming seven years ago in Liverpool, they’ve wasted no time in cementing their claim as the world’s premier Korn tribute act, and have managed to replicate the band’s trademark raw and aggressive sound, effortlessly translating it to the live arena through countless high-octane live performances.

Freak On A Leash / Coming Undone / Got The Life / Falling Away From Me / Got The Life / Twisted Transistor and all the rest. Awesome show!

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Sunday 1st July

Yor-Kon – A York Comic Con Collectors Fair

Cosplay competitions, guests speakers, entertainers, photo opportunities, great traders, the amazing Sentinel Squad and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Confirmed so far:

* Venobi Lightsaber training school.

* Sentinel Squad doing their Star Wars Parade throughout the day.

* The Star Wars E-Web Cannon for photo opportunities brought to you by Sentinel Squad.

* Shooting range. Airsoft weapons.

* Sore Thumb Gaming. Come play!

* Ecto-1 Car for photo opportunities

* Giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

* Raptor Cage

* Honey Dukes Sweet Shop

* 9 and 3/4s Platform

* Dr Bells Green Screen Photo Shoots

* Sarah Dixon with her book Alfie Slider for sale and sign and also reading and exert, giving a talk and answering questions on the book and how to get into writing yourself

* Sorting hat fun house pick and chance to win Harry Potter hampers

* Great Traders selling all sort of wares for everyones tastes!

* Cosplay competition for all ages

Lots of things will be happening through the day – watch for updates!

The Cosplay competition prizes will vary by age. Competitions will be for 0-15yrs and over 16yrs.

Any traders interested in trading on this event can contact us via email HERE

Ticket: £3.00 Buy Now
Doors: Early Bird 10am // General Admission 11am
Age: All ages (under-5s free!)

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Sunday 22nd July

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

Torchbearers of American roots for 25 years, BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS have toured continuously and released 14 albums of undiluted, upbeat and soulful music pulled from honky-tonk, western swing, rockabilly, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, soul and doo-wop!

The band has toured constantly for the past two decades, playing over 3,000 live shows including performances at the Grand Ole Opry, opening for the likes of George Jones, Johnny Cash, Morrisey and The Monkees, along with several appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and many national radio shows.

As a singer, songwriter, bandleader, entertainer and torchbearer of American roots, Big Sandy has few contemporaries. Heckuva coup for York…

Ticket: £12.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 27th July

Mainly Madness – 2Tone & Ska! (new date)

Hey You! Don’t watch that, watch this, this is the MAINLY MADNESS sound!

2Tone & ska lovers bringing not only the Madness experience but also a celebration of the greats – Specials / Bad Manners / The Beat to name a few!

A brilliant internationally-acclaimed all-action dancin’ show and definitely ONE STEP BEYOND!

Lip up fatty, ah lip up fatty, for the reggae
Listen to the music, shuffle up your feet
Listen to the music of the fatty beat!!!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 18th August


And… they’re BACK. Probably with a vengeance but definitely with a fresh load of big old Oasis / Verve / Pistols / Clash tunes and a whole lot of attitude. Natch.

SKYLIGHTS might not have been the most fashionable of bands – hipster they ain’t – but try telling that to the hordes of folks coming to their shows; the last run ending in 2013.

Have a listen to what Rob and Jonny Scarisbrick, Turnbull Smith (ex-Sixty Six)) and Myles Soley are up to now, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised HERE.

Ticket: £5.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 5th September

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin

Runka, runka, three chords and a cloud of dust! DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN arose from The Georgia Satellites, one of the most ferocious bands of the 80s – all wild riffs and tanked cries, a band destined for a place in rock history earned with an incendiary live show.

No ten date tour of 40 minute sets a la modern hipster indie band; oh no… years and years of three sets a night. It kinda makes you GOOD…

Dan subsequently forged a successful solo career with Rick Rubin’s Def American, scoring major hits with the album Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired and single I Love You Period.

A second LP, the critically acclaimed Buffalo Nickel, followed and he also developed a career as a highly sought after producer.

The band features none other than longtime chum Warner E. Hodges, also guitarist extraordinaire with Nashville legends, Jason And The Scorchers. Warner is probably the only guitarist capable of matching Dan’s intensity chord for chord.


Can I get an amen?

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 8th September

Cloudbusting – 40 years of Kate Bush

If you missed Kate, CLOUDBUSTING are the next best thing – Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2 – this was such an amazing show last time…

‘Mandy started singing and I thought ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ – Paddy McGuinness, BBCTV

‘I need to go to this!’ – Zoe Ball, BBC Radio 2

It’s 40 years since Wuthering Heights announced to the world the genius of Kate Bush. Since that remarkable debut Kate has produced far more hits than you might realise: Running Up That Hill, Hounds of Love, Wow, Babooshka, This Woman’s Work, all of which feature in Cloudbusting’s new show for 2018, 40 Years of Kate Bush.

Cloudbusting have been championed by BBC1 as one of the top tributes in the world due to the uncanny levels of authenticity achieved in their stage shows. Such is their reputation that the five piece band have been endorsed by many of Kate’s own collaborators from stage and studio and by thousands of Kate Bush fans up and down the UK.

Mandy Watson’s vocals are an homage, with no hint of pastiche. “There can only be one Kate Bush! These songs are full of so many wonderful characters; when you perform them, that’s who you become!”

40 Years of Kate Bush features a lively selection of songs from across Kate’s career guaranteed to keep audiences enthralled all night.

‘Utterly, surreally brilliant’ Mick Wall, Classic Rock Magazine

‘The UK’s finest’ HomeGround & KateBushNews

‘I could have been listening to Kate herself!’ Preston Heyman, Kate’s drummer

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 15th September

Sack Sabbath, Saxonised

The wind, the rain, the tolling bell, THAT RIFF – Track 1 Side 1 of the album generally acknowledged as the birth of heavy metal as we know it – and still more powerful than anything churned out by many of today’s overproduced ‘metal’ bands.

Longtime Sabb fans were BLOWN AWAY when this trib appeared last time, “The guitarist and singer have it absolutely nailed” / “Reminded me of seeing them first time around” / “Amazing booking, best tribute I’ve seen for years!”

And so we welcome SACK SABBATH the UK’s most popular and established tribute to the Birmingham boys, Osbourne, Iommi, Ward and Butler.

Fronted by best Ozzy impersonator in the business, and check out this recommendation from of one of the actual Black Sabbath road crew …

“I worked for the real Sabbath and they are like the real thing, you don’t have to close your eyes, because their Ozzy has got it off to a tee. I go to their shows because it reminds me of all the fun I had with the real thing. A great night out, we love you all!” – Les Martin Stage & Production Manager, Black Sabbath 1970-78.

Joined here by SAXONISED – Brighton based tribute to the Barnsley Bashers, the legendary SAXON. They’ll be blasting through a set list featuring the 80s classics 747, Wheels Of Steel, Never Surrender etc and coming right up to date with Saxon’s newer songs such as Sacrifice, Witchfinder general and Made in Belfast.


Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Friday 21st September

Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs, Hellbound Hearts

Ex-SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND / NAZARETH guitarist, and pretty much the template for A-list rock guitarists the world over. This ain’t no heritage ‘once more for old times sake’ trip, ZAL CLEMINSON’S SIN DOGS are HIGH OCTANE ROCK and, yes, this guy is still scary as ****

Vambo coming’ to the rescue, Vambo rool OK?

Yeah, Zal Cleminson wrote the book on licks and style, on substance and he’s the Glaswegian dogs bollocks when it comes to those trademarks riffs and wringing a guitar’s neck. And he can write a decent tune or two, and deliver them authentically as well.

In a rather interesting twist, Zal selected a few musicians for his band who are part of a Sensational Alex Harvey tribute, The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

All round looking like an awesome night…

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 26th September

Tom Clarke (The Enemy), Joe Dolman, Nick Tudor – RESCHEDULED DATE!

You read it right… TOM CLARKE, former frontman and principle songwriter for The Enemy, who sold over 1 million records worldwide, with a number 1 UK album, a number 2 UK album as well as another top ten and a top twenty album and several top ten singles – is coming back to York.

The Enemy received awards from Q Magazine, NME, XFM amongst many others, and hold the record for most consecutive shows at the legendary London Astoria, bettering the record set by britpop greats Blur. They supported the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, The Stereophonics and many more over a career which spanned a decade.

Tom is also a ghostwriter for other contemporary and emerging artists and, in 2016, drawing on his classically trained background, composed his debut soundtrack for a film written by BAFTA award winning writer and author Geoff Thompson and directed by Cannes Film Festival nominated director Paul Shammasian.

Tom is also a strong campaigner for the arts, and in June 2010 backed an art gallery’s bid to win the UK’s largest single arts prize. The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry was shortlisted for the £100,000 prize. And in 2016 Tom leant his backing to Coventry’s City Of Culture 2021 Bid.

Tom has also been outspoken about his personal battle with depression and has criticised the music industries lacklustre approach to confronting bullying, especially within the popular media as well as stating that the music industry is one of the few remaining workplaces which has no regulation against bullying and no safeguards for musicians who are statistically more likely to suffer with depression and anxiety and are therefore more vulnerable and susceptible to the harm bullying can cause.

You already know this is going to be one helluva show – and sell out. On sale Mon Feb 19 at 9am. Fingers on buzzers!

Ticket: £16.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 5th October

Knock Out Kaine, Tomorrow Is Lost, Standalone

A Living Breathing Monster! Yeah, when it comes to delivering a knock out rock n roll show, a legion of fans will gladly boast that’s where KNOCK OUT KAINE show their magic.

“We just love playing live. It’s that simple”, says Danny Krash, “It doesn’t matter if we’ve got an audience of thousands or much smaller, we feel at home and with friends when we are on stage”.

So, here at Fibbs we’re stoked to host one of their first headline tour dates in over a year.

“It’s been hard being off the road and supposedly taking some time out. Ha, the time out lasted about six weeks and then I was buzzing with new song ideas”, said Dean Foxx with a sparkle in his eyes, “And I knew if we had a new album in the bag, we’d get back out on the road on a proper tour”.

“We never gave much thought to our own personal lives over the years, however, they had changed dramatically and trying to gig constantly and have some kind of normal home life became less feasible”, he continues, “Things get crazy and before you know it you’ve got a massive weight on your shoulders and feet in concrete. You can’t walk let alone try to swim along with all the big fish in sea.”

Top supports w/ TOMORROW IS LOST who have been rising through the ranks in just over a year. Amazing reviews and playlists on Planet Rock and HRH Radio.


Ticket: £7.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 6th October

UK Foo Fighters – Banging On The Ceiling Tour

As UK Foo Fighters embarked on their 10th Anniversary Tour, they found themselves at the centre of a BBC documentary celebrating Tribute in homage to Glastonbury’s 2017 headliners, Foo Fighters.  Another milestone in a long list of epic achievements, placing them firmly amongst tribute’s
elite to arguably one of the biggest rock bands of the last two decades.

And Jay’s live performance with Dave and the Foo Fighters HERE

And Dave’s dedication to The UK Foo Fighters HERE

Featured in Classic Rock, Rolling Stone, Kerrang, NME, Q, MOJO and Planet Rock magazines.  UK Foo Fighters’ meteoric rise continues in 2018 with their ‘Banging on the Ceiling Tour’, a name inspired by Foo Fighters 9th studio album ‘Concrete and Gold’.

Piling through hit after hit, the band performs set lists containing all the classics – such as ‘Everlong’ and ‘Best of You’ alongside brand new material from the Foo’s new album ‘Concrete and Gold’ including ‘Run’, ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’ and ‘La Dee Da’.

They absolutely nail the true vibe of a Foo’s live experience, all performed down to the closest detail making it a truly unmissable show for any Foo Fighters fan.

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Thursday 18th October

Evil Scarecrow, Ten Foot Wizard

Soul-ripping wildly aggressive and downright passionate metal but with an almost Pythonesque absurdity.

Such, then, are the contradictions of EVIL SCARECROW; stunning musicianship and piss funny; tooled-up extreme metal monster magnets and frighteningly hilarious crowd interaction; chaotic, anarchic and brimful of melodies.

You may have even caught them here with RSJ a couple of years ago – show not to be missed!

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 26th October

Super Hans’ Big Beat Manifesto – NEW DATE!

Sorry, due to our hero needing an urgent back operation all shows around the original period have been cancelled and put back until later in the year. Tickets remain valid!

“What you need to do is create a powerful sense of dread” – Super Hans… So light up a f**king HUGE crack pipe, release the snakes, it’s all about to get a bit messy as Croydons most renowned drug addled cracked up maniac Matt King aka SUPER HANS is once more Fibbers-bound to pound some of the biggest beats possible into your skulls – and you know it’s going to be packed AGAIN!

“People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can’t trust people” – Super Hans

One of the nation’s most beloved comedy characters Super Hans is renowned for his love of drugs (he once took 4 grams of coke to relax himself for a speech) and his musical prowess (his sound was stolen by The Chemical Brothers).

Matt King spent fifteen years as a stand up comedian in Australia before returning to the UK to be cast as the legendary Super Hans. Since then he has starred in and co-wrote Starlings (Sky1) and Whites (BBC2) as well as starring in a whole host of films including Bronson, Rocknrolla, Made In Dagenham, London Boulevard and even kid’s classic Paddington.

He has also appeared in The IT Crowd, Skins and Doctor Who and most recently played the co-lead in AMC pilot White City.

“Already the stuff of legend” NME. Agreed. Get on it.

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Saturday 27th October

Live/Wire – AC/DC show

LIVE/WIRE is The AC/DC Show – a hugely successful and unique six-man tribute to rock music’s greatest band, complete with cannons, a wall of Marshalls and over two hours of High Voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll in a show critically acclaimed for its closeness in look and sound to the real thing.

Both Bon (Dave) and Brian (Podge) are present on the Rock and Roll train for a night to remember and with the rhythm section ‘locked in’ the freedom of the stage and the music is given to Simon as Angus Young who gives an uncanny performance with meticulous detail in appearance, energy and playing.

The band aim to put you slap bang in the middle of the show with hit after hit, and you are expected to join in… and there’ll also be one or two gems thrown in for the aficionados!

All the classics, Back in Black, Rosie, Highway To Hell are all there, and the songs keep on coming until the cannons fire ceremoniously to bring the evening to a superb crescendo.

If by this time you are still standing… we salute you! Long Live AC/DC, Long Live LIVE/WIRE!!

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm (show starts 7.45pm)
Age: 14+

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Friday 2nd November

Glamour Of The Kill


On hiatus since 2015, the boys are back with a new album, Resurrection, and returning to their home town with the original line-up, and one of a very limited number of European shows in 2018 so get those tickets while you can!

Drawing from a deep well of hard-driving music, rebelling against the restrictive “rules” of nitpicking subgenres, Glamour Of The Kill have always raised flags high for the party vibe of ‘80s hair metal and the soaring energy of today’s more aggressive vanguard of sound.

The rampaging gallop of Maiden, the party rock of Sunset Strip, the twin guitars of Thin Lizzy; it all comes together as their own unique sound. Energised pop and crunching metal, big riffs and even BIGGER choruses.

Here’s a band with theatrical live shows and massive worldwide tours alongside Papa Roach and Escape The Fate under their belt; always paying attention to musicianship but never losing the party atmosphere…

Delighted to welcome them back to Fibbs – this is going to be huge seller, don’t hang around to get your ticket.

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 3rd November

Tom Hingley & The Karpets

An Inspiral Carpets tribute band with a difference. Lead singer Tom Hingley actually was the lead singer of the real Inspiral Carpets singing on all the chart hits including This is How it Feels, Saturn Five, Dragging Me Down, I Want You, She Comes in the Fall and all the songs on the bands four major label albums – Life (1990) The Beast Inside (1991) Revenge of the Goldfish (1992) and Devilhopping (1994).

Formed 2016, THE KARPETS have played barnstorming sets at Shine On Weekender, Embrace’s Secret Festival , Readipop Festival, Vicars Picnic, Rochdale Live, Darwen Live, Festival Too and headline sets at the 100 Club, Audio in Glasgow and over thirty other UK clubs to date.

Comprising Tom Hingley (lead vocals), Dickon Kyme Wright on keys & backing vocals, Philip McIntyre on guitar & backing vocals, Ste Pearce on bass and drummer Malcolm Law, The Karpets play all Inspirals’ greatest hits as well as the whole of the band’s Revenge of the Goldfish album and a healthy selection of obscure B-side and fan favourites.

The live experience is raw, dynamic, punky & energetic. The band play like their very existence depends on it with humour, skill and volume. Get in there…

Ticket: £13.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30PM
Age: 14+

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Thursday 15th November

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons

From three-plus decades as Motörhead’s axeman to being voted number 20 in the poll of Top 100 Welsh Heroes (comfortably beating JPR Williams, Roald Dahl and Sir Anthony Hopkins) to covering a Norweigian promoter in squirty cheese, PHIL CAMPBELL continues to live life to the fullest with guitar in hand and humour intact

Growing up admiring the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page, Campbell was playing professionally at the age of 13, bought his first Les Paul in 1973, and only 5 years later (in 1978!) he formed and spent several years gigging with popular heavy metal indie band Persian Risk. But… in Feb 1984 he auditioned for the vacant guitar slot in popular beat group Motörhead and ended up sharing guitar duties with fellow auditionee (and partner-in-cheap-laughs) Michael Würzel Burston.

In a 32 year Motörcareer which spanned three drummers, the departure of Würzel and the appearance of a horse on stage, Campbell was a major creative force and identity for the legendary rockers, selling millions of albums, filling dozens of passports and finding fun and games wherever he went.

With 16 studio albums under his belt, Campbell has co-written some of Motörhead’s most-loved songs, including “Orgasmatron”, “Going To Brazil” and “Rock Out”. In fact, since joining the band, Campbell has co-written 90% of Motörhead’s studio output.

He has also enjoyed various accolades, including 4 Grammy nominations and one Grammy win (in 2005), two Golden God awards from Metal Hammer magazine, a Kerrang! award, an official proclamation from the City of Los Angeles in August 2015, and a grand total of 16 speeding fines. Bear in mind that Phil is also El Presedente of the Campbell Comedy Corporation.

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, features Campbell alongside his three sons Todd (guitar), Dane (drums), Tyla (bass) and complemented by vocalist Neil Starr. Awesome show!

Ticket: £17.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 24th November

Nashville Pussy

BLOODY AMAZED TO GET THIS BAND TO YORK… Go mutherfucker GO! There are few bands that embody the phrase “sex, drugs AND rock ‘n’ roll” as well as Grammy-nominated American hard rock act NASHVILLE PUSSY.

Blaine Cartwright is the Bon Scott of his generation with his ‘nursery rhymes for prisoners’ style of lyrics.

Blaine’s wife Ruyter Suys is the Angus Young of women.

Together they create 100 proof no holds barred, no apology rock ‘n’ roll.

This shit ain’t for pussies…

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 7th December

Dare – A Tribute To The Human League

“You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar / When I met you / I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around / Turned you into someone new”. There can’t be many more memorable opening verses than Human League’s Don’t You Want Me…

DARE, then… top trib to Philip Oakey’s synth-pop legends from Sheffield who went on to sell 20 million records alongside Top 10 albums and singles.

And, of course, there’s that legend of recruiting Susan Ann Sulley (17) and Joanne Catherall (18) spotted on a dance floor and asked, without preamble, to join as dancers and incidental vocalists. Glamour added, and parents’ permission received, the rest is history.

And even The Undertones sarcastically name-checked them on My Perfect Cousin, “His mother bought him a synthesiser / Got the Human League in to advise her / Now he’s making lots of noise / Playing along with the art school boys”

Great show this, complete with ‘Susan & Joanne’ and lots of big synth action!


Ticket: £12.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 8th December

Sham 69 (Pursey, Parsons, Tregunna, Guy) – NEW DATE, ALL TICKETS STILL VALID!

The real SHAM 69 – Jimmy Pursey, Dave Parsons, Dave Tregunna! Beware the snides and fakes, ignore the bitter slander, listen to the lyrics and the meaning, enjoy the Real Sham sound.

Formed in London in 1976 Sham 69 set out making pogo-friendly, anthemic punk with a fiercely working class agenda, issuing a statement of intent with the independently released ‘I don’t wanna’.

Signing to Polydor the band released ‘Borstal Breakout’ in early 1977, but what really took their terrace chant appeal to the masses was the subsequent trio of hit singles ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’, ‘If the kids are United’ and ‘Hurry up Harry’.

Now back playing occasional gigs the show is as full of energy as it always was.

What better way to spend a Saturday night!

Presented by Fibbers & TV’s Over

Ticket: £20.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 21st December

Too Petty – A Tribute To Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

One of music’s truly legendary figures worldwide selling out huge tours in minutes, Tom Petty sold 80m records with a Greatest Hits that shifted 10m on it’s own.

TOO PETTY – A TRIBUTE TO TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS recreatE the classic songs, musicianship and incredible live shows including, of course, all the classics such as Free Falling, Refugee, Into The Great Wide Open, American Girl, Don’t Come Around Here No More, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, I Won’t Back Down, Running Down A Dream, Learning To Fly and many more.

Featuring members of the UK’s first and best Fleetwood Mac tribute act, Fleetwood Bac, Too Petty has the same attention to detail, and commitment to authentically recreate the live experience of a Petty show.

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 26th January

Absolute Bowie – 50 Years Of Bowie

There’s a reason why this show gets busier and busier every year. It’s amazing… Over to Woody Woodmansey (Spiders from Mars) – “Absolutely wicked. As one who was there, watching ABSOLUTE BOWIE put me back there again. For anyone who missed it or fans who want to relive it I definitely recommend it. As close to the real thing that you’ll get. Enjoy!”

Presenting a journey through fifty years of David Bowie’s evolving image showing all his best-loved personas in all their glory, and performing all of the Starman’s greatest hits plus album tracks from David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars, Heroes, Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory and Young Americans through to Heathen, Outside, Reality, Earthling and Blackstar.

Absolute Bowie take audiences on a trip with this brand new and unique concert featuring two long sets and more costume changes than any other show. A true extravaganza of the wonder that is Bowie’s work.

Featuring the incredible vocals of John O’Neill as David Bowie, with Chris Buratti on guitar, Fabio Cashio on bass, Alex Paollilo on keyboards, Alessandro Ricardi on drums and Fiona Asbury on saxophone.

The band have toured the UK and Europe for the past 9 years performing the hits of Bowie with their energetic (and theatrical!) stage show and look to take things to the highest level with this huge new show. Prepare to be taken from A to Z (Absolute Beginners to Ziggy!) with Stations to Station in between.

Sample set list:

Watch That Man
The Jean Genie
Suffragette City
The Man Who Sold The World
Life On Mars
Space Oditty

Young Americans
Absolute Beginners
China Girl
Modern Love
Ashes To Ashes
Let’s Dance
Rebel Rebel

New Killer Star
Never Get Old
Look Back In Anger
Little Wonder
Sons of the Silent Age
Slip Away
Hallo Spaceboy

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14++

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Saturday 2nd February

Limehouse Lizzy (show starts 8pm!)

Renowned for an action-packed pyrotechnic-fuelled explosion of a show, LIMEHOUSE LIZZY continue to keep the spirit of Celtic rock icon Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy alive!

Attention to detail, a thundering live sound and playful audience interaction leaves you with that feeling of witnessing the real thing, audiences and critics alike hailing the show as ‘beyond tribute’.

With incessant UK and European touring, this is one of the most highly rated acts on the circuit and Limehouse shows are always PACKED…

Whiskey In The Jar// The Boys Are Back In Town // Jailbreak // Don’t Believe A Word // Dancin’ In The Moonlight // Rosalie // Waiting For An Alibi // Do Anything You Want To // Sarah // Chinatown // Killer On The Loose // Cold Sweat… the list goes on and on…

Early ticket purchase advisable, as usual!

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 1st March

The Smyths (show starts 8pm)

One of the longest-established Smiths tributes and boy is that obvious every time they play here. Two hours of classic Smiths material – truly A SMITHS BAND OF SMITHS FANS FOR SMITHS FANS!

The crowd – and what a BIG crowd – went wild …

“You’ll never see The Smiths again, but THE SMYTHS are the next best thing.” (

“Amazing…just like The Smiths” (XFM)

“The Smyths give you just what you want”, Rob Hughes, journalist and broadcaster (Uncut/BBC Radio 6)

“The Smyths are indeed the BEST Smiths tribute band in the world”, Phil Gatenby, Author, ‘Panic on the streets of London’

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Saturday 11th May

The Guns N Roses Experience

As close as it gets …

THE GUNS N ROSES EXPERIENCE have the only singer able to deliver the exact same unique vocal style and stage show synonymous with classic Axl Rose.

They have the only tribute band guitarist OFFICIALLY ENDORSED by MARSHALL AMPS, decease just like the legend SLASH himself.

And together with 4 other Guns n Roses clones, these guys deliver a sound and look that is unequalled by any other band.

Since their very first gig the Guns N’ Roses Experience train has been rolling at an incredible pace, visiting various Middle Eastern countries, mainland Europe, Cyprus, Ireland and all of the major venues and theatres in the UK.

With a true Guns and Roses sound and stage show, The Guns N’ Roses Experience meticulously recreates every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns’N Roses legendary live performances.

In a bone crushing two hour set all the essentials are covered with breath-taking accuracy including Welcome To The Jungle, November Rain, Sweet Child O’Mine, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone,You Could Be Mine, Night Train, Rocket Queen, Knocking on Heaven’s Door and so much more!

Ticket: £14.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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