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Friday 21st October

The Complete Stone Roses, The Slamm

THE COMPLETE STONE ROSES are now one of the UK’s best known, most seen and consistently successful tributes, selling out venues across the UK and Ireland, and carrying on the music of one of the UK’s most influential bands.

Hits like Fools Gold, I Am The Resurrection and I Wanna Be Adored are as recognisable now as were in the heyday of Madchester and the Hacienda, the cultural icons from which the original band was born.

The Completes, as they are affectionately referenced to by their fans, play to acclaim not only from fans and press, but also original Stone Roses band members. Bassist Mani has not only just appeared as a warm up DJ for the band on the odd occasion but has also played onstage with them playing She Bangs The Drums and says, “They do our songs real justice. At times, they play even better than we did!”

As well as performing alongside Inspiral Carpets and Happy Mondays they even have a bit of a celebrity fan base going on as well; step forward The Seahorses, Andy Rourke, Shed 7, Richard Fearless, Shane MacGowan and Peter Hook all of whom have who either appeared as a support DJ/Guest for the band, worked with the band or have attended one of their gigs purely as a Roses fan being played live to perfection.

Comfortable playing to 300 or 40,000 (Edinburgh!), regulars at T In The Park, Loch Lomond, Witness and Get Loaded, BBC TV features and slots on documentaries and, of course, huge coverage in every major music magazine and broadsheet, The Completes are perfectionists.

Over to Mani again, “The attention to detail is amazing. I use a Rickenbacker 3000 which is as rare as rocking horse shit but they found one”.

The Completes are rewriting the tribute band manual, and getting better all the time!

Ticket: £14.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 21st October

Ultimate Daft Punk Tribute Show (11pm)

Fully live show tribute to the the elusive helmet-clad retro-futurists with all the costumes and a massive light show!

With infectious dance music, an up-beat rhythmic vibe, robotic counterparts and truly epic live shows Daft Punk have been the staple diet of some the biggest and most well-renowned festivals since the release of debut ‘Homework’ and groundbreaking 1997 follow-up ‘Alive’ in 1997.

Now you too can experience that undeniable awesomeness with ULTIMATE DAFT PUNK TRIBUTE SHOW, brilliantly unique and alternative.


Ticket: ££6 EARLY BIRD Buy Now
Doors: 11pm
Age: 18+

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Saturday 22nd October

Ferocious Dog, Leather’o

For UK venues and festivals, 2015 was the year of the FEROCIOUS DOG; a full-on sextet infusing madball rock, reggae/dub and Celtic vibes with folk.

Now firmly at the forefront of the alternative scene, and even selling out Nottingham Rock City, they have an ever-growing fan army following the band countrywide, bringing boiling energy and passion to every gig and always welcoming to new tribe members.

“As someone who has played with the Levellers, Oysterband and Wonderstuff… Ferocious Dog are carrying on the tradition of folk rock the way it was meant to be done” – Dan Donnelly

“The bite, here, is as fierce as the bark. But Ferocious Dog make subtly persuasive sounds, too. In a field full of would-be wolves… They’re out for a long run.” – Nick Burbridge.

Creating their own brand on traditional Celtic folk, Ferocious Dog use the traditional instruments of fiddles, whistles, mandolins and mix ’em up with a bit of raw, buzzsaw rock n’ roll attitude.

With their unique, aggressive yet feel-good music they tear up venues across the country often bringing their faithful Hell Hounds along for the ride!

Ticket: £12.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 26th October

WSTR, Milestones, One Way Street

“Pop punk from the slums of Liverpool”. We prefer angsty, gritty, busting with passion and upbeat, hooky guitar lines – WSTR are a refreshing take on pop-punk with big choruses and lyrics like, “I’ll cut the cord, shut you out. I’m sick of all the shit you spout”, “Fuck you and everything you do” and “Some days it feels like I’ve been hit by a fucking bus”. Nice.

Nailing the I-hate-my-friends-and-where-I’m-from cliché without being boring. Blink-182 with council house spunk…

And get here early for the frankly awesome MILESTONES, check out CALL ME DISASTER The boys from the Manchester recently toured with Area 11 and “prove authenticity combined with hard work go hand in hand with achieving dreams and creating momentous milestones”.

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Thursday 27th October

We Are Scientists, Beverly

Legendary NY-ers debut gold album ‘With Love & Squalor’ catapulted them to main stages (Glasto/Leeds/Reading/T in the Park) and REM tour; now on 5th album Helter Seltzer “dramatic music with a light touch” – we give you WE ARE SCIENTISTS they’re clever, they’re witty, they write BLOODY GREAT BIG TUNES… one of our fave bands EVER, and yours too…


“That was awesome.”
“I… I’ve got class early…”
“Oh, uh…”
“Should you… get dressed?”
“Yeah, uh… I like this song. Who is it?”
“We Are Scientists. You’re shitting me, you don’t know We Are Scientists?”
“I– I think so. It’s great!”
“They’re absolute legends. I can’t believe you don’t know them.”
“No, uh… I mean, it sounds familiar. I’ve definitely heard them.”
“This is the new album, ‘Helter Seltzer.’ So. Fucking. Good.”
“Oh, yeah! Helter… Helter Seltzer?”
“Yah, like ‘helter skelter’ but with seltzer? It’s actually a perfect description of them because they do this really dramatic music, but always with a light touch, you know? It could actually be the name of their genre.”
“I could see that, yeah.”
“I actually had to look up the word ‘seltzer’ — we don’t have it here.”
“You don’t have seltzer? Ah, man. This is gonna be a long semester. That’s like my favorite drink. Water plus bubbles, y’know? Seriously so refreshing.”
“Um… okay.”
“Oh, but so, but so, this is their first record, huh?”
“Their–? NO! I thought you’d heard of them!”
“No, I have! So, they’re not new?”
“Compared to The Rolling Stones, yes. This is only their fifth record, so yah, total baby-band.”
“Whoa! How old are they?”
“I suppose they can’t be that young — they’ve been around since 2005. But they look twenty-two. Very handsome.”
“[laughs] Should I be jealous?”
“No point in that. I’d trade up without hesitating.”
“Hey now…”
“They’re also intelligent and funny. And rock stars. Full package, really.”
‘Rock stars’ might be a strong term…”
“They’ve played Jools Holland. And the big stage at Glastonbury, and Reading & Leeds, and T in the Park. They’ve sold out Brixton Plaza.”
“Uh… did you just make up a bunch of words and try to use them as evidence?”
“David Letterman! Coachella!”
“Okay, definitely more familiar. Wait, so how big are they here?”
“Well, their first album, With Love & Squalor, sold a hundred and fifty thousand copies.”
“Is that a lot?”
“That’s gold! It’s one for every man, woman and child!”
“Wait, the population of England is a hundred and fifty thousand?”
“Twat. It’s hyperbole.”
“I love that you just called me a twat.”
“Is it a compliment in America? It isn’t really here.” “[laughs]”
“I was on holiday in Madrid once, and I saw them supporting R.E.M.? They blew them off the stage.”
“Man, R.E.M. … now there’s a great band.”
“Of course. That’s why it’s significant. I wouldn’t tell you about seeing them blow Good Charlotte off the stage.”
“Right. Hey, this was fun, we should totally–”
“And what’s amazing about this new album, Helter Seltzer, is that they made it with Katy Perry’s keyboard player, so it’s got all this great poppy synthesizer on it, and drum samples, but still with those amazing Scientist melodies. I think it’s my favorite one yet, which is crazy if you think about it.”
“Oh. Well, what are you doing this week? Should we get together again? Maybe tomorrow?”
“I mean, he was Katy Perry’s keyboardist for three years, this guy Max Hart, but before that? He was the Scientist’s keyboardist. That’s the thing, they always work with their friends. Like Chris Coady, who mixed this album? He produced the last album, TV en Français.”
“And their first three albums were all produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, who’s now like this hot-shit super-producer of Vampire Weekend and Usher.”
“Oh. Man, you know a lot about We Are Scientists. I mean, I do, too, but–”
“What I actually love the most is their videos. So hilarious. Every one is like this crazy, weird concept that no other band would do. It’s like, if you’re a band, and you have money to make a video, don’t just make some boring thing where you stumble around on a beach pretending to sing.”
“I know, right?”
“Plus they make hilarious comedy videos, basically for no reason. Have you ever seen their Instagram?”
“Uh, I think so. It’s all those pictures of, of like–”
“They do these short videos on it? They’re amazing. So funny.”
“Right! Yeah, I think I’ve seen those.”
“But the absolute best is their concerts. God, I’ve seen them about twenty times.”
“Whoa. Twenty? That’s like how many times I’ve seen baseball.”
“Such amazing songs, and it’s so unpredictable. Like things are always breaking, or somebody climbs on top of something, or Keith comes down in the audience, or Chris plays half the show in the audience.”
“And between songs they always have a big chat, and it’s hilarious.”
“And different every time! Not memorized. Which is why I’m completely gutted.”
“You’re… what do you mean?”
“Well they’re playing in a week, aren’t they? But the show’s sold out and I didn’t get a ticket because I was at my stupid brother’s wedding.”
“That’s cool about your brother. Congratulations.”
“It’s f***ed. I wish I didn’t have a brother. The wedding was nice and all, but I wish I’d respectfully not attended and reserved a bloody We Are Scientists ticket, you know?”
“I guess, yeah.”
“I suppose I’ll just stand outside Koko and try to mug someone.”
“Uh… Koko?”
“Yah, Koko. Why? What?”
“Uh… well, that’s my cousin’s venue. He’s the manager there. That’s, like — that’s who I’m staying with. I live in his apartment. His flat.”
“You’re living with the manager of Koko.”
“Yeah, he’s my cousin. Tom.”
“Tom. So… yes.”
“Yes, I’m free tomorrow night.”
“Oh! Ha. Great, should I just–”
“Let’s meet at yours. At Tom’s.”
“Um, okay. Sure! I’ll… I’ll text you the address.”
“Fantastic. It was so nice to meet you… um… Felix?”
“Alex! Right. And I’m Alice. That’s the joke.”
“Yeah. Yeah, Alex and Alice.”
“Right. Sorry, Alex. Look, this has been… awesome. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.”
“Yeah, uh… yeah, me, too.”


Ticket: £16.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 28th October

Glass Caves, Alleyways, Lost Trends, Borderline

From busking to Radio 1 to Clashmusic to Billboard and international music blogs, GLASS CAVES have built a huge following with a relentless work ethic.

It’s quite a trick to pen great songs. Y’know, tunes that people remember and sing along to at the tops of their voices. Stuff that soundtracks their lives. Oh come on, we’ve ALL got songs that do that …

Glass Caves are such a band. They have that knack of effortlessly yanking huge melodies out of the bag and making you think what a great song – who wrote it? Oh yeah … THEY did.

It’s a rare gift, but pitch up to a Glass Caves show and you’ll be showered like Santa with massive radio-friendly tunes. And the whole damn crowd (and it’s always a big one) hollering along to rousing alt-rock anthems. Kings Of Leon covering The Police!

And all delivered with style, musicianship and a fearsome show!

“Whatever the parallels to come, here lies a band on the brink of bigger things” – Music Ninja Blog

“Indie intuition to grab and shake you till you’re ready for the dance floor” – 405 Blog

“So you’re telling me you want 1) Charismatic vocals, 2) mesmerising synths and 3) equally mesmerising guitars, all in one song? Glass Caves are for you” – There Goes The Fear Blog

Ticket: £7.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 28th October

Tremor w/ My Nu Leng, Dread MC (11pm)

With three releases already (Black Butter / MTA Records), Tommy and Jammo as MY NU LENG have built on their tastemaker status producing remixes for UK No.1 “La La La” (Naughty Boy), “Right Here” (Rudimental) and “Mozart’s House” (Clean Bandit).

With Jammo originally hailing from High Wycombe and Tommy from Kent, the duo combined to form My Nu Leng when they moved to Bristol, taking influences from the spectrum of underground UK sounds with them – Drum and bass, Dubstep, UK garage and Grime all find outlets in their music. My Nu Leng are similarly known for their blistering sets and dark, smouldering vibe, heavy on the mood but always compulsively danceable.

From their adopted home of Bristol – where early reggae, drum and bass and dubstep pioneers all the way to Massive Attack and Portishead informed their cultural history, both understood the heritage and importance of bass music in the city.

Since then My Nu Leng have toured pretty much all over the world: the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, all showing love and emphasising the realisation of how far they’ve come from their first singles to their most recent EP ‘Horizons’ getting heavy radio support on BBC 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1.

With new music on the way and a packed diary of live tour dates, these are exciting times for My Nu Leng, proving they’re equally at home on underground tracks and Official Number One records.

A tricky ask, Tommy and Jammo – just like their meteoric career so far – have made it look easy.

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 11pm
Age: 18+

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Saturday 29th October

The Southmartins

Forming The Beautiful South after The Housemartins in 1988, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway went on to five million sales with a string of beautiful real-life vignettes and deservedly classic hits including Song For Whoever, You Keep It All In, A Little Time, Rotterdam, Don’t Marry Her, Perfect 10 and many many more.

Aided in no small way by a succession of brilliant female vocalists – Briana Corrigan, Jacqui Abbott and Alison Wheeler!

Ever sardonic and witty, the band split in 2007 due to ‘musical similarities’.

And, of course, this brilliant tribute includes Hull’s greatest gift to the world (LONDON 0 HULL 4!) The Housemartins with Happy Hour, Caravan Of Love, Five Get Over Excited, Build, Me And The Farmer etc

Welcome, then, THE SOUTHMARTINS. The UK’s leading tribute to the music and songs of The Beautiful South and The Housemartins. Just check out these FAN REVIEWS and you’ll see why loads of music fans agree with the man himself, Paul Heaton on Radio 2… “They’re very good!!”

Final word to the band, “We play songs by The Beautiful South and The Housemartins sometimes quite well. Paul Heaton says we’re “not too bad at all” apparently. We take that as high praise indeed. As you can see from our pics we’re not arsed about trying to look like the band and don’t do the “dressing up” thing. That’s fine for all the Freddies and Bongos out there just not for us. It doesn’t seem right. We just play the songs as if they were ours so we’re not afraid to play them fast and loose.”

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 1st November

Y&T, Praying Mantis (doors 7pm)

Before Mötley Crüe, RATT and even before Metallica, Y&T were slogging America’s sweaty rock clubs. Formed in the early ’70s, little did they know they would set the standard for hard rock bands to follow.

And indeed, many of the 80s biggest acts cut their teeth opening for headliners Y&T, freely evidenced in tell-all books by Metallica and Mötley Crüe.

San Francisco’s Bay Area innovators of the hard rock sound are happy playing an intimate club or to fifty-thousand at a festival, always delivering a high-energy set and passionate performance still captivating legions of worldwide fans, proving their music timeless.

Eighteen albums, three greatest hits collections and a box set later, Y&T have over four million sales under their belts since ’74. Plus 1.5m YouTube views for I’m Coming Home and heavy MTV rotation for hits such as Forever, Rescue Me, Mean Streak, Don’t Stop Runnin’ and Summertime Girls standing alongside film and TV plays, VH1 Classic and global radio coverage.

With bassist Phil Kennemore’s untimely passing from lung cancer, the band is carrying on the legacy of touring the world, featuring Dave Meniketti (guitar/lead vocals), John Nymann (guitar/vocals), Brad Lang (bass/vocals), and Mike Vanderhule (drums/vocals), playing songs that span the band’s five-decade career and including all the hits and fan favourites.

Presented by Eastside.

Ticket: £16.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 4th November

The Hackney Colliery Band, The New York Brass Band

Jazz to electronica and everything in between – brass, drums (and drum machine!) from the coal face. THE HACKNEY COLLIERY BAND are an evocative, playful and plain belting outfit!!

Razor sharp jazz chops and heavy funk; yes, there’s something particularly life affirming about listening to a brass band in full swing.

‘One of my favourite live bands’ – Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6Music

‘Amazing… incredible… Wow’ – Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6Music

‘Brilliant live band and they’ve just made another great record. I smell a collaboration’ – Jamie Cullum, Radio 2

North London’s Hackney Colliery Band have become cult stars in the musical world having totally re-invented the brass band sound for the modern age. A truly brilliant live act who have enjoyed a remarkable few years, they have done everything from playing 45 minute sets at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics to appearing at the BRITs, MOBO Awards and Mercury Awards, as well as on many different BBC radio stations and Jazz FM.

The band has fans all around the world, having played a number of gigs across Europe, and has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Jamie Cullum.

Audiences of all ages and musical tastes can find something to love and in their time they have put out successful albums, such as debut eponymous release in 2010, 2013’s Common Decency and a remix EP in 2014 that saw their sound reworked for the dance floor.

For fans of Youngblood Brass Band, Hot 8 Brass Band!

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 9th November

Smoove and Turrell, Kymberley Kennedy

A breath of fresh air in the clichéd world of soul bands. SMOOVE & TURRELL make no attempt to sound or look like anyone else. No sharp suits and trumpet twirls, just a wildly talented bunch of North East lads taking their rightful place on the international soul scene having already become UK figureheads.

Their first album Antique Soul scored heavy points with singles I Can’t Give You Up, You Don’t Know and Beggarman, gaining two Radio 2 Radcliffe & Maconie Records Of The Week 6Music national playlist, propelling them to Glastonbury and Big Chill headline stages.

The original 7” of the northern soul banger I Can’t Give You Up still changes hands for up to £160, btw…

With the word spreading across the pond, S&T tracks could be heard on network giant ABC’s primetime campaign, feature film For A Good Time Call, video game The Crew and international smash hit series like The Finder & World of Jenks.

Back in the UK, Hard Work was used on a national advertising campaign as well as Match of the Day, Strictly Come Dancing, Splash and Coronation Street.

Live performance highlights included Space Ibiza, Moscow, Dubai and supporting Nile Rodgers & Chic.

Third album Broken Toys was released May 2014, and sparkling pop flirted with disco floor stompers in between the blues, jazz, funk & soul the boys are so well known for.

Hitting the road again with their motley crew of Geordie reprobates Smoove & Turrell’s 7 piece band will once again be gaining yet more of a loyal fan base both here in the UK and in Europe & the wider world. RECOMMENDED!

Ticket: £9.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 10th November

The Last Vegas, The Idol Dead, Bloody Mango

Proper rock and roll from Chicago, IL, THE LAST VEGAS bring you ’70s classic rock and glam, ‘80s hard rock and heavy metal, garage and punk rock while at the same time maintaining a unique sound all their own.

Produced by Nikki Sixx and Marti Frederiksen, “…combining rock, glam and garage for an ass-kicking sound. No doubt, rock ‘n roll is here to stay.” – Billboard

Very definitely for fans of The Cult / AC/DC / Buckcherry / Cinderella / Airbourne!

Exceptionally pleased to have THE IDOL DEAD on board; “For those with fond thoughts of 90s Wildhearts, The Almighty & Black Spiders… The Idol Dead come highly recommended!” – Pure Rawk. We agree, fill your ears with BONES OF YOU

Ticket: £8.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 11th November

The Small Fakers, Page 45

For any discerning mod The Small Faces were the finest UK band for a sharp-dressed and hip youth cult, and hugely influential even now. All Or Nothing, Here Come The Nice, Tin Soldier, Itchycoo Park, Lazy Sunday … ’nuff said.

So please welcome back to York the UK’s finest tribute to the best part of British pop culture’s most dynamic and creative period, THE SMALL FAKERS.

And just look at these amazing affidavits from those were there at the time, and some fantastic customer live reviews…

“For those of you that never saw the Small Faces live, this is as close as you’re gonna get” – Stan Lane (Small Faces’ Ronnie’s brother)

“As soon as you opened your mouth, the hanky was out” – Kay Marriott (Steve’s Mum)

“Really great, absolutely spot-on” – Kenney Jones (Small Faces)

“No point doing any of the old songs, they do them too good!” – Jimmy Winston (Small Faces)

“I started going to see the Small Faces play from the age of about 12 so I know what they sounded like live. The Fakers are the closest thing. I closed my eyes for a moment while the Fakers were playing and I was taken back to those beautiful, long gone days”. – Penny (a very satisfied customer!)

Ten years on, still packing venues, Isle Of Wight Festival regulars, and joined on stage at various times by Kenney Jones (drummer for Small Faces, The Who and The Faces) original Small Faces organist Jimmy Winston, Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock, 60’s session guitarist Graham Dee and 60’s blues and soul vocalist Chris Farlowe; this is one tribute that will take you all the way there – and back again!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 12th November

Hope&Social, Gobbledigook

“Welcome, we’re HOPE AND SOCIAL. We’re a band who write songs and release albums. We come from Leeds. We have a studio called The Crypt. We do ill-advised events and all sorts of gigs. We sell all our music for Pay What You Want. We are mainly broke. At the moment we are planning how to take over the world”.

If there is a more elegant, yet simply perfect, band introduction we haven’t seen it. And we’ve seen THOUSANDS of introductions.

You’ll gather that the mighty Hope and Social have been one of our favourite bands since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Their shows are a celebration of the best things in life – wonderful music and songs, laughter, consummate musicianship and one of those true occasions where band and audience really are all in it together.

This is not rhetoric, this is fact. H&S shows are packed and if you’ve ever been you’ll know EXACTLY what we’re on about.

Innovative, diverse, brilliantly talented and so in love with constructing delicately muscular tunes. And a live music lesson in life, also, in how to build, engage and keep a huge and loyal fan base with music that is peerless and timeless.

Hope and Social have the sound of classic albums, brought up to date. Albums which were a call-to-arms, and part lament penned with measured guitar and lush harmony.

Sieved from drunken rants, they sing of Englishness and home and what it means. Of simplicity and custom, and of God.

One day all bands will be made like this.

Ticket: £9.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Monday 14th November

Wade Bowen, Willy Braun, Beth McCarthy

Texas country/Red Dirt real deal WADE BOWEN of whom The New York Times said “Earnest and direct singer who wrings feeling from a small vocal gestures and graceful songwriting with twists like small sighs”

Across five independent albums and a decade-plus of touring, Wade Bowen has amassed a string of awards and a passionate fan base. Rising to the top of the Texas music and Red Dirt circuit, and now poised to bring that independent spirit to country music at large.

With a dense and concentrated whisky-and-smoke baritone, Bowen takes command of his 100% country songs, rife with pedal steel and vivid emotion, that could easily find a home with fans of Bowen’s rock idols – folks like Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne.

On a live circuit where the overwhelming mandate is to stir up a party, Bowen has aimed to leave folks with a memory. As a writer, even one from a state with some tall literary traditions, he’s not trying to earn a PhD in poetry; he’s trying to communicate. “My style,” he says, “is more to try to evoke an emotion. I’m more about trying to leave a mark on people.”

Growing up in Waco, Bowen’s exposure to the music of Texas was limited to whatever made it on FM country radio. George Strait was king. Guy Clark was a name he’d not have recognized before getting to college. But at school, in Lubbock, he discovered the full spectrum of Texas artistry, starting with Robert Earl Keen. “He was a big changing point in my life,” says Wade. “I realized by listening to him that there was way more out there than I ever knew. So I started getting into Guy Clark and other great Texas music. But I was obsessed with Robert Earl. When we started the band we were sort of a Robert Earl cover band.”

That band was called West 84 but when Bowen channelled a lifelong love of writing into songs, he made the major decision to go solo and move to Austin. By then, about 2001, fellow Waco native Pat Green had busted out to national prominence and the Texas music phenomenon was the buzz of Nashville. It was part of Wade Bowen’s inspiration to charge ahead.

Try Not To Listen is the album Wade regards as his true debut, the project that kicked off a life and living made of 200-plus nights a year on the road and patient grassroots fan development. Then with Lost Hotel in 2006, things really began to click. The opening track “God Bless This Town” reached No. 1 on the bellwether Texas Music Chart, and to date, Bowen has had a total of 10 Number 1’s and 15 Top 5 Singles on the Texas Music Chart. He achieved another landmark in 2010, when he was invited to add his name to the roster of great artists who’ve made a Live At Billy Bob’s CD/DVD combo at the iconic club in Fort Worth.

Amazing, also, to get WILLY BRAUN (front man for Reckless Kelley) on board as well. This is the real deal, don’t miss this show!

And no songs about trucks…

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 16th November

New Generation Blues Tour w/ The Danny Giles Band, Salvation Jayne, The Rainbreakers, The Dead Cats

The tone of Walter Trout, the power of Dimebag Darrell, the speed of Yngwie Malmsteen, but with a real blues feel, ex-Chicago Thieves DANNY GILES is your new guitar hero, opening recently for Skinny Molly, The Yardbirds and the Nimmo Brothers.

THE RAINBREAKERS remind us of the best Brit 60s and early 70s hard blues; think Groundhogs / Rory Gallagher and have amassed some pretty cool press…

“A breath of fresh air on the current UK blues scene” – Blues and Soul Magazine

“Loud and attention grabbing… fusing genres into the wild seemingly abandoned… not only endearing, it is verging on the magnificent.” – Sound and Vision

And how about a bit of sass to open the show; SALVATION JAYNE and their own unique style of dirty, sludgey, rock n’ roll blues. Think QOTSA, Black Keys, Rival Sons.


Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 18th November

The Christians 30th Anniversary Tour, Boss Caine

Renowned for an endless string of soulful yet socially aware hits… Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Born Again, Harvest for the World, Whats in a Word, Hooverville, Words, Father, The Bottle and many more THE CHRISTIANS enjoyed huge worldwide acclaim in the late 80s and early 90s, and often confused people with their band name (in fact just the brothers surname with absolutely no religious connotation!).

Still headed by enigmatic lead singer Garry Christian (who very much deserves the Daily Mirror’s description, ‘One of the finest voices in pop’) who has only gained in vocal stature (and wit) over the years.

The band are enjoying a revival currently touring successfully in the UK and Europe, and with a brand new soulful ten-track album entitled ‘WE’ the band have reflected on life issues (loss, breakups and just the struggles of life).

Come and find out why Chris Evans said, ‘The best gig I’ve ever been to’.

Ticket: £20.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 18th November

TQD w/ Royal T, DJ Q & Flava D (11pm doors)

After bringing you My Nu Leng and Devilman, we’ve teamed with our friends at Tremor and we’re GASSED to bring you three of our favourite DJ’s; Royal-T, DJ Q & Flava D at Fibbers as TQD for the first time together in a night of unforgettable, up-front bass.

Fresh from a string of UK festivals & with Flava D’s Fabriclive 88 album hot off the press, when it comes to bass music there’s nobody who even comes close to bringing the energy and hype in the rave like this – far and away the biggest act in UK bass music at the moment, and to bring them to an intimate Fibbers show is going to be VERY special.

If their recent Boiler Room and sets at Bassfest Weekender are anything to go by, it’s gon’ be hectic…

Just 50 early birds @ £10 SOLD OUT

First release tickets @ £12 now on sale

Second release @ £14 three weeks from now – if there’s any left!

Ticket: £12.00 now but rising to £14.00 soon. Early birds sold out. Buy Now
Doors: 11pm
Age: 18+

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Saturday 19th November

The Fall, Soma Crew

He’s the undisputed GOD OF ALT-EVERYTHING. He’s not going to duet with Kanye, he’s not going to be remixed and he’s definitely not going to do anything you expect him to. He’s Mark E Smith and THE FALL and thank the good Lord he saves some of his best shows for Fibbers.

Mark is the very definition of indie without the beard and Vans. Political correctness not present thank you very much, the eternal maverick and belligerent bastard within Mr Manchester is consumed with razor-sharp wit and bitter cynicism, all sung-spoken to a band that rocks the **** out like no other.

So praise The Lord for Mark E Smith and real music. He’s the closest thing to the genuine article you’ll ever know. And he’s not going to be on a Direct Line or Warburtons advert any time soon…

Ticket: £25.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Monday 21st November

Vant, Party Baby

VANT – the brainchild of Mattie Vant from the North East; born out of discontent and frustration at a fucked up world, with an arsenal of short, poignant and socially-aware remedies ignorant of most modern consumerist pop. Mattie has been working on this for four and half years.

Completed by Henry Eastham (guitar), Billy Morris (bass) and Greenie (drums); think Kinks meets Pixes in two and a half minute onslaughts. Mattie’s lyrics are incredibly important, wanting to leave his mark with music to stir the mind as well as the heart.

After a 2015 industry feeding frenzy, the band signed to Parlophone, and released limited edition double-A side ‘Parasite’ / ‘Do You Know Me?’ (Dumb Blood Records) on baby pink vinyl.

Zane Lowe made ‘Parasite’ his Next Hype, playing it three times in one show; followed by Radio 1, Radio X and Amazing Radio with next release, ‘The Answer’ – named as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World and then added to Radio 1’s In New Music We Trust playlist.

VANT’s third single ‘Parking Lot’ built upon their growing acclaim, Annie Mac again gave a Hottest Record in the World accolade. Further Radio 1 support following with plays courtesy of Clara Amfo, Greg James and Gemma Cairney plus a blistering session for Huw Stephens.

Throughout 2015, VANT’s live shows provoked UK-wide chaos with mosh pits and stage invasions, and before the year was out played alongside Royal Blood, Fidlar, Hinds and The Bohicas; co-headlined the DIY Presents Tour alongside Inheaven and The Big Moon. A storming summer festival schedule included Reading, Leeds, The Great Escape, Dot To Dot, Calling Festival, Secret Garden Party, Y Not and Bingley.

Throughout, reviewers glowingly compared the band with an eclectic array of classic bands – Manic Street Preachers, The Strokes, MC5, Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age and DFA 1979, to name but a few.


Ticket: £8.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 22nd November

Gangstagrass, Rodney Brannigan, Leather’o, Vinnie Whitehead

Yeah correct, GANGSTAGRASS did the Oscar-nominated theme song to JUSTIFIED. Yeah, this is real bluegrass pickers and real emcees making music. And yeah, they turn it on live as well.

Hip hop meets bluegrass – eh? Well, theres a lot more people out there with Jay-Z and Johnny Cash on their iPod playlists than you think…

Stand well back for the dirty fightin’, gator wrestlin’, foot stompin’ bluegrass-hip-hop project of Brooklyn based producer Rench, who has spent the last decade making gritty, soulful country hip-hop music that you will actually like.

Now on 5th studio album ‘American Music’ they can be found ripping up stages and blowing minds wherever they appear. Explosive live shows have been blowing away the USA and now they’re coming to Europe with emcees R-Son and Dolio!

Banjos and rappers shouldn’t sound this good together. But they do.

Ticket: £12.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 24th November

SOiL, Saliva, Sons Of Texas, Liberty Lies

Formed in Chicago ’97, SOiL took the world by storm with 2001 million-selling major label debut Scars, and classics Halo, Unreal and Redefine. And now back in York for what is sure to be another sell out with original members Ryan McCombs (back from Drowning Pool), Tim King and Adam Zadel.

And what a support line-up as well, featuring SALIVA, another gold album band on this bill – Every Six Seconds – which contained the hits Rise Up, and Grammy-nominated Your Disease. And not forgetting huge-selling anthems Always, In It To Win It and Rest In Pieces, co-written with Nikki Sixx.

And what about SONS OF TEXAS for openers… they’ve been Baptized In The Rio Grande!

Ticket: £16.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 25th November

Planet Rock presents “Roadstars” w/ Simo, Aaron Keylock, Federal Charm”

Three of the most exciting new blues-rock acts touring TOGETHER for the very first time – amazing! USA guitarist SIMO is joined by Brit sensation AARON KEYLOCK as well as UK blues rock guitar band FEDERAL CHARM. Please note the headline slot changes nightly so make sure you’re early!!

Vibrant Nashville power trio Simo’s new LP, Let Love Show the Way, reinvigorates the fusion of jazz improvisation, down home blues and classic R&B, taking on board countrified Southern-rock. It’s primal, it’s immediate, it’s sweltering stuff. “We live and die by the take,” says singer-guitarist JD Simo. “We don’t edit, and if there are overdubs they’re minimal. I want it to be unaffected and pure. For me, the music resonates most when a performance is captured. That’s what I love, and that’s what we go for.”

Every now and then an artist comes along that blows you away and Aaron Keylock is cementing a reputation as one of the most exciting young UK talents. A mesmerising live performer already with over two hundred shows alongside the likes of Blackberry Smoke, Cadillac Three, Tracer and The Answer with great festival slots at Bloodstock, Ramblin’ Man Fair and Download. His debut album was produced by Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Joe Bonamassa) and referencing Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, The Faces, T Rex and Blackfoot, but Aaron writes all his own material. Although just turned 18, our man sports clothes and hair straight outta 1974. “I just like them”, he says. Aaron, we like you already.

Manchester’s Federal Charm released their second album, Across the Divide, in October 2015 (“Jaw-dropping” – Classic Rock) and have opened for Michael Schenker, UFO, Black Star Riders, Ian Hunter and Rich Robinson, as well as touring with Joanne Shaw Taylor. Federal Charm span the classic rock curve from Allman Brothers to Zeppelin, and Black Keys to Rival Sons, with twin-guitar twists and stop-start rhythm.

This is one heckuva triple bill…

PLANET ROCK presale; general on-sale Friday!

Ticket: £14.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 26th November

Purple Rain – The Ultimate Prince Tribute

Jimi Love aka Prince has the looks, the moves the pipes and some amazing guitar chops. PURPLE RAIN will wash you away, they really are something special.

And with the tragic news of Prince Rogers Nelson’s passing, what better way to celebrate the great man’s music and life…

All the hits you want, and backed up by his brilliant guitar playing, and a fantastic band.

Hear all the classics – Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, 1999, Kiss, Raspberry Beret, Let’s Go Crazy… ah, the list goes on and on and on.

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Sunday 27th November

Gong, Soma Crew

Some say it couldn’t, or shouldn’t, be done. How could GONG exist without Daevid Allen? A few minutes in to the title track of new album, Rejoice! and aspersions will be cast aside. It is undeniably Gong.

Gong have had many line-ups ever since Australian beatnik/freak Daevid Allen quit The Soft Machine and moved to France at the tail end of the ’60s, before debuting in 1970 with Magick Brother.

The band has remained fluid, even playing without their founder from the mid-to-late ’70s, fracturing, reassembling and shapeshifting; an undeniably amorphous unit.

Indeed, David Bowie named Daevid Allen’s Banana Moon one of his favourite albums and today everyone from indie artists Temples and Ty Segall to hip hop artist Madlib and techno DJ Surgeon are inspired, and borrow, from Gong’s music and ideology.

The funky grooves, avant-garde flourishes and counter-cultural stance is timeless. So timeless that Gong fully exists even without their creator and guiding light. For those who are unaware Daevid Allen died in March 2015.

“I have been co-presenting The Interesting Alternative Show with Steve Davis for the last six years or so,” begins the story of how Gong’s new singer/guitarist Kavus Torabi met Daevid. “In 2011, Steve rang up excitedly saying ‘You’ll never guess who we’ve got as a guest next week… Daevid Allen.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d met Daevid briefly a couple of times with Tim Smith [Cardiacs] but never properly. As a lifelong Gong lover, this filled me with delight. Straight away the two of us seemed to really click, within minutes the conversation had taken a turn for the absurd and I was more than a little flattered when he told me, after about an hour, ‘You’re a poet man, I can tell.’

“Over the forthcoming months we would text each other on a fairly regular basis, whenever Daevid was in town playing a gig he’d get in touch to see if I wanted to come along. ‘I’ve been thinking about this a lot,’ he told me, ‘Do you want to play guitar in Gong?’ This came somewhat out of the blue. ‘But you’ve never actually heard me play, Daevid’ I told him. ‘I don’t need to,’ he replied. ‘I felt the same way about Mike Howlett when I met him too and I’m never wrong about this stuff.’ Of course I said ‘Yes’ instantly. ‘You know, I can’t play like Steve Hillage,’ I told him. His response was priceless ‘I don’t care about what you can’t do, I care about what you can do.’

“Since being a teenager, I have often come up with riffs that, while I loved them, had to be shelved because I always felt they sounded a little TOO much like Gong. One of which I started playing. Daevid got up and started improvising lyrics and melodies over the top, his beautiful eyes twinkling. This would become ‘When God Shakes Hands With The Devil (from I See You).’ ‘Wow Kav!’ Daevid said afterwards, ‘Got any more like that?’ Realising that 20 years or so of shelved riffs had not gone to waste, I blurted out ‘Yeah! Fucking loads!’

Kavus joined Gong in 2014 in time for the last album the “new” band made with Daevid, I See You, unaware of the direction his new gig as a guitar player would take. “It was shortly after our Brazilian tour in March 2014 that, following a broken arm, Daevid told us that he had been diagnosed with cancer and would be unable to fulfill the 47 date world tour that had been booked to promote [the album]. To my, and I guess all of our, minds there was no question that he would beat this thing. The most enlightened and switched on guy I ever knew, with light shooting out of every pore, he seemed indomitable. Nonetheless, he started making noises about how he wished the band to continue without him. I think everyone in the band felt ambivalent about this, particularly as we watched the majority of the gigs get cancelled upon news that he was too unwell to fulfill them. I certainly had no desire to front it. I have my own band Knifeworld in which I play this role. We did, however, have a new album to promote, so we reluctantly agreed to play the remaining shows and bow out gracefully after that. Each night we sent Daevid recordings or links to YouTube footage and, from his sick bed in Australia, he wrote gushing praise about what had happened to the band and how this was exactly what he had hoped. By the end of the tour and with the full blessing of Daevid we decided to carry on.

“Rejoice! I’m Dead! came together over several weeks in an East London rehearsal studio. In terms of the writing, the songs became very elastic, what may have been brought to the band as a fixed idea, through experimenting, discarding, expanding and mutating evolved into the songs as you hear them now. Every member was key in the development of each song,” closes Kavus. Thus, Kavus (vocals/guitar), Fabio Golfetti (guitar/vocals), Dave Sturt (bass/vocals), Ian East (sax/flute) and Cheb Nettles (drums/vocals) took on the mantle of steering the Teapot further into outer space and the inner ear.

On the album you’ll also notice the voice of Daevid in an early song idea rehearsal, along with Gong alumni Steve Hillage, Didier Malherbe and Graham Clark. Fans of the “Virgin trilogy” won’t be let down!

In the words of bassist Dave Sturt: “You bet it’s a fucking Gong record!”

It depends on your knowledge of Gong history and what constitutes as a Gong record, but if Rejoice! I’m Dead! is classified as their 28th album the Gong legacy is the strongest it has been since 1974. Consider the differences between Angel’s Egg, Gazeuse!, Floating Anarchy and I See You, the various splinter projects and collectives… what is it that make Gong who they are? Their spontaneity and numerous Phoenix-like rebirths – this is just the latest installment. Nothing more, nothing less. New members and old coalesce, the sound unmistakably Gong.

Even without Daevid Allen Gong will continue ….. And long may it do so.

Ticket: £20.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 29th November

Electric Six, we-are-z, Scant Regard

Warning! Danger! High Voltage! They want to take you to a gay bar, gay bar, GAY BAR…

Back once more in York for your annual dose of the ELECTRIC SIX raucous, funny, slicked-back pop juggernaut. Utterly joyous.

And who the heck else other than Detroit’s Electric Six can write about their favourite cleaning fluid, the joys of being a graphic designer – or just Switzerland?

Dick Valentine’s genre-flipping Top 10 gatecrashers just wanna take you to a disco, synth pop, glam and arena rock heaven; and all wrapped up in macho flippancy and tongue-in-cheek pomposity so be warned … High Voltage!

Over to the band…

Mortality. It’s the primary reason we don’t live forever. If not for our mortality, the number of years each of us would have to roam this earth would be as infinite as the sands of time running through the earth itself. When extraterrestrials eventually make first contact with us within the next twenty years, the first glaringly obvious thing they will notice…is that we die. They will come to our planet with sinister intentions and they will immediately have the upper hand because we die…and they don’t. It’s a simple as that. And it’s all because of our mortality.

While aliens (and the government!!!!!) will always be there to kill us, we have for generations used our cold dead hands to clutch onto whatever silver lining we could sew into the dark cloud of our everlasting mortality. Specifically, we tell ourselves that we can live forever, not in corporeal form, but through our creations of art…and our expressions of love.

Thusly, art and love are more important than ever, because they are now the conduits that preserve our life forces. If you don’t create art and you don’t love nobody…well then, you will be forgotten, rather quickly. No one wants to be forgotten rather quickly. No one more so…than Electric Six.

Electric Six understands all this stuff as it prepares to unveil its eleventh studio album Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!, which will be released on October 6 on Metropolis Records. The album is steeped in themes of mortality, death, discorporation and discoloration…all while it tries to convince you it is actually a work of art, a labour of love.

From the pounding, driving opener, “Drone Strikes”, through the 1970s guitar anthem “Two Dollar Two”, Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die! reveals that Electric Six knows that it is going to die, but will not go out quietly. From there, the album moves through the pop goodness of “Kids Are Evil” and “A Variation of Elaine”, the prog-rock showmanship of “Slow Motion Man”, and even a tribute to Elvis Presley in his more rotund years with “Dime Dime Penny Dime”.

“Big Red Arthur” is the anchor track of the album, as it emits a rock-opera bombast that is reminiscent of Radiohead sodomizing David Bowie in the center of his mind. It, like most of the songs on this record, is about death…but it’s kind of funny because it’s only about the death of a fake, out-of-shape drunk Santa Claus who is too fucking stupid to make it down the chimney correctly. In this case, we just end up laughing at death. And that’s uplifting.

To summarize, mortality is everywhere, and this fall, thanks to their new record Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!, Electric Six will be everywhere too. Everybody gonna die someday, but with Electric Six’s new album, you no longer have to worry about any of it. Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die is Electric Six’s brand new record for 2015 and it is available on Metropolis Records on Oct. 2.

Electric Six is:

Dick Valentine – Vocals
Da Ve – Guitar
Johnny Na$hinal – Guitar
Smorgasbord – Bass
Tait Nucleus? – Keyboard
Percussion World – Drums

Ticket: £15.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Wednesday 30th November

Counting Coins, The Magnificent 7, Pewter City Punks

Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz. The sound of COUNTING COINS refuses to stay still, switching from ska punk to gypsy to hip-hop and back again several times in the same song.

Since forming in 2009, Counting Coins have steadily built up a reputation round their raucously energetic live shows for stealing the spotlight and getting the crowds bouncing, whether it’s a headline or a support slot, they want everyone to have a good time and refuse to take no for an answer!

After the success of their 2010 E.P. release “Take the Ride” and 2013’s “Reach for the Sky”, the coins boys have been on a constant rampage across the UK and Europe tearing up support slots with Melt Banana, Sonic Boom 6, The New Town Kings, The Talks, Jaya the Cat, The King Blues, Random Hand, The Aggrolites, The JB Conspiracy, Neville Staple (The Specials), Babar Luck (King Prawn) and The Stiff Joints, alongside The Cat Empire, Gogol Bordello and NOFX amongst many others, and smashing up festivals such as Boomtown, Rebellion, Tramlines, Y Not, Galtres, and Freedom Festival along the way.

No enemies, no strangers – GET INVOLVED!

Ticket: £6.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 1st December

Emmy The Great

‘The female Bon Iver’ – Clash Magazine; ‘EMMY THE GREAT is who folk music has been praying for’ – Evening Standard; ‘One of the boldest young writers’ – The Guardian. Collaborations with Fatboy Slim, Kate Nash, Dev Hynes, Ash, Gabriel Bruce and Noah & the Whale confirm Emma-Lee Moss as a major artist of our times.

Hong Kong-born to an English father and a Chinese mother, Emma-Lee Moss as Emmy the Great has released two solo records to international acclaim showcasing an elegant lyricism and sensitivity married to humour and inquisitiveness. Her voice is by turns smoky and radiant.

Debut album, First Love was hailed “Album of the Week” – Sunday Times Culture and made the “Album of the Year 2009” list in the New York Times.

The follow up, Virtue, in 2011, once again made all the ‘best of’ lists, and Emma also wrote the original songs for Austenland, and the upcoming Wanderers.

In 2013 she performed at the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside Asia, in London’s Trafalgar Square, singing in English, Cantonese and Mandarin to an estimated TV audience of 600 million people. She also performed a bilingual song (Cantonese and English) live on BBC radio.

For charity, she has been an ambassador for Wateraid, Strummerville and Billy Bragg’s prison based music charity.

Lovely show for York with a truly international performer destined for even bigger things. Recommended!


Ticket: £14.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 2nd December

Dead Men Walking w/ Kirk Brandon, Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Segs & Ruffy (The Ruts)

Founding member KIRK BRANDON (Spear of Destiny / Theatre of Hate) is joined by SEGS and RUFFY (THE RUTSs) and JAKE BURNS (STIFF LITTLE FINGERS).

After almost a decade away from the UK clubs, Dead Men Walking return!

Founding member Kirk Brandon (Spear of Destiny/Theatre of Hate) will be joined by much heralded rhythm section Segs and Ruffy from The Ruts on acoustic bass, percussion and vocals. Jake Burns, legendary front man of Stiff Little Fingers, will be ‘Flying The Flag’ for Northern Ireland.

With a massive catalogue of songs to choose from, this new Dead Men Walking line up intend to deliver a raw stripped back interpretation of a whole host of classic tracks from their respective iconic albums and singles. A few surprise cover versions and even a brand new song or two are also threatening to make their way into the set.

Ticket: £18.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 3rd December

Grapple presents Live: American-Style Professional Wrestling

USA-style 2 hour live spectacular carrying on where we left off from two very successful shows here – THIS REALLY IS A FANTASTIC NIGHT!! Pics of the last event here

Featuring some of the UK’s best independent professional wrestling talent, including:

“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero
“The Pound 4 Pound Best” CJ Banks
Martin Kirby
Ricky J Mckenzie
Liam Slater
JC Thunder

As well as many of Grapple Wrestling’s up and coming talents such as:

“The Pop Punk Kid” Jake Silver
“Bhangra Bad Boy” Amir Jordan
“Rollin” Mark Rolls
“The 80 Minute Man” David Graves
“Dangerous” Danny Binks
Ruby Summers
Evee Black
Jack Bandicoot

And not forgetting the The Marty Jones Invitational winner here in April – York’s own “Hot Blooded” Dom Black!

You can keep up to date with show news by following Grapple Wrestling on social media, just click on the links below – see you down the front grunt’n’groan fans old and new!


Ticket: £8.00 child // £10.00 adult // £30 family or group of 4 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: All ages

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Wednesday 7th December

Molotov Jukebox

English actress Natalia Tena has been making a name on screen in franchises such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, but with Sam Apley, Adam Burke, Tom Wilson, Angus Moncrieff and Rami Sherrington she’s fronting an entirely different, funky, vibrant, gypsy and romance-fuelled suffrage.

MOLOTOV JUKEBOX are like a ferocious fire-bomb lobbed in to the empty and dull rooms of pallid pop and whitewashed indie. In short, they’ll blow your bloody doors off with foot-stamping insurrection, jigs and dances, colour and vibe.

Ladies and gents, no need to feed the slots and press A1 – here is a jukebox that will satisfy long after the last note.


Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 9th December

Permission To Tap – tribute to The Darkness

Going a long way to proving that if your idea is ridiculous enough then anything is possible!! VT presents Permission to Tap- a Tribute to The Darkness; starring members from Us Amongst The Rest and Bastrad consisting of Thimbal as Justin, Rockdale as Dan, Fletcher as Frankie and Donut as Ed!

Capturing the true spirit of The Darkness live, we cordially invite you to to go dancing on a FRIDAY NIGHT whilst ordering a LOVE ON THE ROCKS WITH NO ICE. Make sure you have your ONE WAY TICKET and there will be no GIVIN’ UP and going home early!!

NB… ridiculous attire is not compulsory but is definitely encouraged.

Brought to you In association with the Rhys Wilkinson Enterprise Trust.

Ticket: £5.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Tuesday 13th December

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

1962 and Motown A&R first heard the voice that would become known as “the sound of young America.” A young jazz/blues singer, Martha Lavaille was slaying audiences at Detroit’s famed 20 Grand Nightclub and she was invited her to audition at Hitsville, USA.

Within a year, Martha had taken the reigns of the A&R department, making friends and noticing that musicians showed up on time and got paid. She watched, learned, and whenever she could, sang. And everyone took notice… When Mary Wells couldn’t make a session, Martha was called to the mic. With her group, the Del Phi’s, she recorded “I’ll Have to Let Him Go,” and Martha and the Vandellas was born.

The song was rather forgettable, but Reeves’ sound wasn’t. While waiting for her first hit, Martha (along with Rosalind Ashford and Annette Beard) backed Marvin Gaye on his first three releases and sang with him on stage. Soon, however, they emerged from the shadows with “Come and Get These Memories,” followed by an enviable string of hits: “Heat Wave,” “Quicksand,” “In My Lonely Room,” “Nowhere to Run,” “My Baby Loves Me,”, “Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things,” “I’m Ready For Love,” “Jimmy Mack,” and, of course, the Motown anthem, “Dancing In The Street.”

After leaving Motown in 1972, Martha continued to expand her musical horizons, establishing herself as a singer-songwriter with few limitations. She sang rock, jazz, country, gospel, blues and classical. Her singing companions included everyone from the Godfather James Brown and the Boss Bruce Springsteen to opera diva Beverly Sills and gospel king Rance Allen. She headlined a national touring company of the musical “Ain’t Misbehaving,” and for three years toured the UK in the musical review “Dancing In The Street.”

Martha Reeves continues to thrill audiences around the world, and we welcome her back to York!

Ticket: £20.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 17th December

The Bastard Sons, River City Ransom, Cavorts, Mercury Killed Newton

BAS-TARD. Something that is of irregular, sick inferior, mind or dubious origin…

Not so much begat as taken roughly from behind, THE BASTARD SONS are bad medicine, buggering you brainless and no reach around. Take your daily dose and shut the f**k up, it’s good for you. No spoonful of sugar.

And in frontman JJ there dwells some sort of wild beast; a mountain man, a bourbon brute. SOMEONE. WHO. SHOULD. NOT. BE. F**KED. WITH.

They’ll kick your sorry ass. They’ll hurt your ears. They’ll rock your tiny little world and make your cousin your lover. They are quite simply the most excruciatingly exciting band you’re going to squeeze down your throat …

And look who is making a ONE-OFF appearance … THE LEGENDARY RIVER CITY RANSOM. Worth the price of admission alone, as they say.

Ticket: £6.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 22nd December

Faux Pas, Glass Mountain, Mall Rats

Formed 2015 in North Yorks, FAUX PAS are inspired by Cribs/Placebo and making a name on the scene with sold out shows all over the shop. Championed by BBC Introducing, already they’ve done Leeds/Reading and featured on R1.

It’s a high energy show, powerful and polished up at huge venues like Leeds O2 supporting the likes of Embrace and The Sherlocks.

After the release of their latest single ‘Not So Sad’ there’s a buzz about the follow-up. Watch this space – an extensive tour is on the cards and 2017 is set be even more exciting. Please note tickets will FLY OUT for this gig…

Ticket: £5.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Thursday 12th January

Devil You Know feat. Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Oni, Wearing Scars, Brutai

Face-melting metal taking you back to how it used to be; DEVIL YOU KNOW are simplicity and brutality in a beautiful blend. No intricate backing tracks or crazy tempos just super heavy riffs, killer blast beats, and Jones’ signature screams.

This is one helluva USA metalcore supergroup featuring Howard Jones on vocals (Ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed), guitarist Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish) and Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through) on bass – signed to Nuclear Blast Records with two albums out – The Beauty of Destruction and They Bleed Red (produced by ex-Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader (Gojira, Five Finger Death Punch).

And check out the rest of this amazing bill…

ONI – are the strange, straightforward prog-metal band you need in your life; they’re even from the Cayman Islands, how much more exotic can you get. In Japanese folklore, the Oni is a malevolent shapeshifting demon. At Fibbers we’ll settle for armour-plated melodic metal, ta. Check out Eternal Recurrence here!

WEARING SCARS and BRUTAI complete a classic line-up.

Ticket: £12.50 Buy Now
Doors: 7pm
Age: 14+

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Friday 13th January

Absolute Bowie

If you’re going to pay tribute to The Thin White Duke, you may as well get the best one around. ABSOLUTE BOWIE have been touring the UK & Europe for years, consistently selling out venues and we don’t expect this show to be any different AND THEIR LAST SHOW WAS PACKED…

Woody Woodmansey (Spiders from Mars) said, “Absolutely wicked. As one who was there, watching AB put me back there again. For anyone who missed it or fans who want to relive it I definitely recommend it. As close to the real thing that you’ll get. Enjoy.”

You’ll be taken from A to Z (Absolute Beginners to Ziggy!) with Station to Station in between. Costume changes, all the best bits you remember from Brixton’s David Robert Jones; unquestionably one of the finest contemporary artistes of our times – we will never see his like again.

Ticket: £13.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Thursday 26th January


There’s two types of people in this world: Those who like Johnny Cash and those that don’t know a damn thing about music.

CASH, featuring the rich and gruff baritone of Ben Welburn, have recreated the sound, vibe and appeal of the master himself. Ex-farm boy Ben Welburn came across JR through musical parents and freely admits to a lightbulb moment and identifying with his outlaw approach to life.

The Man In Black, one of the most influential musicians of the last century spanning country, rockabilly, blues, gospel, folk and rock ‘n’ roll. That deep baritone, the chick-a-boom of The Tennessee Three, the surly guitar twang of Carl Perkins, the ground-breaking prison shows and all the battles with alcohol and drugs … its all there in a great survivor’s story, book-ended of course by the unbelievable sessions with Rick Rubin.

“The last time CASH played London with us, BBC 6Music’s Huey Morgan personally asked for the support slot – it doesn’t get much better than that!” – Jon Wing (02 Academy Events Promoter).

“Without a doubt, CASH are one of the most authentic and skiiled tribute bands we have worked with and we look forward to booking them again in the near future.” – Alan Mcleod (promoter – Shetland).
“The CASH band are 12 Bar favourites. When they play, you close your eyes and you feel like you’re at a real Johnny Cash concert – I’m forever being asked when they’re coming back.” – Barnet Mark (promoter/manager of The 12 Bar, London)

“I don’t like country music. The chords are too clean and the lyrics are too darn obvious. With this mindset I was dragged to see a Johnny Cash tribute band (and I don’t like tribute bands). Then they started to play… Never did I get hooked on an act so fast, which by right should have caused a severe allergic reaction. Fun, kicking and above all unpretentious – thank you, CASH!” – Yak Bondy (songwriter/producer).

Cash was born … they walk the line.

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Thursday 2nd February

The Brew

Proper British rock! Voted ‘Best Band’ by Rolling Stones fanzine “It’s Only Rock & Roll” for what RockTimes critic called ‘a bridge between the sixties and seventies’. Drawing heavily on classic rock a la Zepp/Hendrix/Who, Grimsby trio THE BREW have certainly being paying their dues having been around for ten years.

Father/son rhythm section of drummer Kurtis Smith and (dad) Tim on bass, young and astonishingly talented guitarist and front man Jason Barwick will blow you away (“tight as a bear’s arse” – GRTR mag) proudly bearing the classic blues-rock badge.

Wonderfully authentic and highly recommended!

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Tuesday 7th February

The Turnpike Troubadors

THE TURNPIKE TROUBADORS first UK tour after developing a huge US fanbase, their most album recent hitting No.3 (Billboard Country Chart).

When the Turnpike Troubadours are playing in a town Stateside, you’ll know it. A block or two from the venue, you’ll see the crowds lining up. Get closer and you’ll start to hear the music – rockin’ hard, lashed by burnin’ fiddle and guitar, maybe a little rough on the edges but with a deep-rooted soul that’s impossible to resist.

And if you make it through the door, you’ll witness one of the best shows you’ll ever see.

Audiences in their home state of Oklahoma and down in Texas have known this for years. It’s no longer news when they draw 5,000-plus at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, sell out three nights in a row at Gruene Hall or turn several hundred away at the Legendary Stubb’s Bar-B-Q in Austin.

Word has spread, though: Their shows in Chicago, St. Louis and elsewhere have pulled in more than 1,000 fans. And they’ve drawn full houses at Joe’s Pub in New York and The Troubadour in L.A., among many other venues coast to coast.

They’ve even been picked by Playboy as one of three acts to watch in 2015 – a distinction lead singer / guitarist / songwriter Evan Felker admits is “pretty bizarre” but impressive nonetheless.

So is that the story? “The Turnpike Troubadours Tear It Up Night After Night”?

Actually, no. There’s another side to singer/guitarist Felker, bassist RC Edwards, fiddler Kyle Nix, steel and electric guitarist Ryan Engleman and drummer Gabe Pearson. Maybe you don’t notice it as much at their shows, where their blazing performances tend to obliterate detached reflection.

“The show is about people having fun,” Felker says. “The more fun they have, the more fun we have and the better off everybody is. The record is about understanding the poetry in a real way. I figure it’s like people sitting around in their house, maybe drinking a beer. That’s more the place for poetry.”

“Our sound comes from playing country music, punk rock and anything else we liked in honky-tonks and beer joints,” Edwards adds. “You’ve got to give the crowd something to dance to and have a good time. But songwriters are the most important thing. So I think everything we’ve done says that you can have it both ways.”

The proof is on The Turnpike Troubadours and at whatever place they’re playing down the road near you. Think of them as a two-headed silver dollar; on both sides, you’ve got a winner.

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 25th February

The Smyths

One of the longest-established Smiths tributes and boy is that obvious every time they play here. And tonight celebrating the 30th anniversary of fourth album, ‘Strangeways Here We Come’ with some rarely heard live treats, plus all the crowd favourites throughout the Smiths career.

The crowd – and what a BIG crowd – went wild …

Two hours of classic Smiths material – truly A SMITHS BAND OF SMITHS FANS FOR SMITHS FANS!

“You’ll never see The Smiths again, but THE SMYTHS are the next best thing.” (

“Amazing…just like The Smiths” (XFM)

“The Smyths give you just what you want”, Rob Hughes, journalist and broadcaster (Uncut/BBC Radio 6)

“The Smyths are indeed the BEST Smiths tribute band in the world”, Phil Gatenby, Author, ‘Panic on the streets of London’

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

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Saturday 4th March

The Guns N Roses Experience

As close as it gets …

THE GUNS N ROSES EXPERIENCE have the only singer able to deliver the exact same unique vocal style and stage show synonymous with classic Axl Rose.

They have the only tribute band guitarist OFFICIALLY ENDORSED by MARSHALL AMPS, decease just like the legend SLASH himself.

And together with 4 other Guns n Roses clones, these guys deliver a sound and look that is unequalled by any other band.

Since their very first gig the Guns N’ Roses Experience train has been rolling at an incredible pace, visiting various Middle Eastern countries, mainland Europe, Cyprus, Ireland and all of the major venues and theatres in the UK.

With a true Guns and Roses sound and stage show, The Guns N’ Roses Experience meticulously recreates every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns’N Roses legendary live performances.

In a bone crushing two hour set all the essentials are covered with breath-taking accuracy including Welcome To The Jungle, November Rain, Sweet Child O’Mine, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone,You Could Be Mine, Night Train, Rocket Queen, Knocking on Heaven’s Door and so much more!

Ticket: £12.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 25th March

Sack Sabbath

Longtime Sabb fans were BLOWN AWAY when this trib appeared last time, “The guitarist and singer have it absolutely nailed” / “Reminded me of seeing them first time around” / “Amazing booking, best tribute I’ve seen for years!”

The wind, the rain, the tolling bell, THAT RIFF – Track 1 Side 1 of the album generally acknowledged as the birth of heavy metal as we know it – and still more powerful than anything churned out by many of today’s overproduced ‘metal’ bands.

And so we welcome SACK SABBATH the UK’s most popular and established tribute to the Birmingham boys, Osbourne, Iommi, Ward and Butler.

Fronted by best Ozzy impersonator in the business, and check out this recommendation from of one of the actual Black Sabbath road crew …

“I worked for the real Sabbath and they are like the real thing, you don’t have to close your eyes, because their Ozzy has got it off to a tee. I go to their shows because it reminds me of all the fun I had with the real thing. A great night out, we love you all!” – Les Martin Stage & Production Manager, Black Sabbath 1970-78.

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 19:30pm
Age: 14+

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Saturday 26th August

Whitesnake UK, Pure Purple

Formed in January 2005, WHITESNAKE UK are the very best of David Coverdale’s multi-platinum selling Whitesnake from the early classic Moody/Marsden line-up to the present day USA incarnation, faithfully reproducing classic songs such as “Fool For Your Loving”, “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again”. With a combined musical experience of over 100 years Whitesnake UK can proudly boast of having some of the most accomplished personnel in any tribute band.

And joining them in a classic bill are PURE PURPLE, specialising in the classic Gillan, Blackmore, Lord, Glover and Paice line up – MKII Deep Purple years.

You can expect to hear MKII classics such as Highway Star, Child In Time, Woman From Tokyo, Smoke on the Water, Black Night, Strange Kind of Woman, Lazy, Speed King, Fireball and from a few years later Perfect Strangers. And all with Kerranging Fender guitar and a screaming Hammond Organ using Marshall amps and a rotating Leslie cab in an honest effort to sound like classic Deep Purple MKII… Some great YouTube footage here SMOKE ON THE WATER.

This is such a good double bill…

Ticket: £10.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14+

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