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Saturday 17th September

Richard Hawley, Boss Caine

Ticket: £25.00 Buy Now
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 14

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO SCHEDULING ISSUES THIS SHOW IS NOW ON THE EVENING – DOORS 7.30PM. All tickets still valid although you may obtain a refund from point of purchase if you wish.

“As long as I’m playing guitar, I’m happy”… RICHARD HAWLEY, Sheffield’s poet laureate, lover of all things vinyl (especially rockabilly and rock’n’roll 45s), ridiculously talented guitarist and songwriter, and probably one of the most exciting and relevant musicians of our time.

Richard brings us wonderfully crafted songs, forged from a long performance history beginning with rock’n’roll in 80s Hamburg between the strippers, through the TFI days of Longpigs (On and On / She Said / Jesus Christ), three years touring with Pulp, and to a burgeoning solo career and debut full album ‘Late Night Final’ which, with it’s soaring pop tunes showed a much wider skill set than the emerging term ‘Americana’ would have him pigeonholed with.

The consummate performer, then, a man-of-the-people consistently pushing his own boundaries to bring us yet more musical riches. And here, as a duo, for a very special performance.

Tickets are going to be in VERY SHORT SUPPLY VERY QUICKLY for this, and early purchase is recommended!