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Monday 9th February

Us Amongst The Rest, Last Vendetta, Never A Hero, Your Illuminations, Pandemonium

Ticket: £6.00 Buy Now
Doors: 18:00pm
Age: 14+

An alliance forged through years of gigs and rival bands, US AMONGST THE REST are a 4-piece rock’n’roll brotherhood emerging from York.

Heavier than your typical pop-Punk and catchier than rock, they’re are just as at home on a playlist with Tonight Alive and A Day to Remember as the Foo Fighters and Blink. LAST VENDETTA are a band of opposites; often heavy and raw but always catchy and melodic, tugging on heartstrings with tongues firmly in cheek. They effortlessly capture a nostalgic early noughties sound infused with their own unique, visceral style.

NEVER A HERO are an alternative metal band based in the UK. The band formed in 2009 when members from 2 bands merged together to write new music diverting from their usual styles.